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Programme and panel details

Provisional timetable

Day 1 - Thursday 22 August

11:00-13:00Registration and lunch
13:00-13:30Welcome and opening
13:30-15:30Session 1
15:30-16:00Tea and coffee
16:00-18:00Session 2
18:00 onwardsOpening reception and performance

Day 2 - Friday 23 August

09:00-11:00Session 3 (parallel session)
11:00-11:30Tea and coffee
11:30-13:00Session 4 (parallel session)
14:00-15:30Session 5
15:30-16:00Tea and coffee
18:00 onwardsBook launch and performance

Day 3 - Saturday 24 August

09:00-10:30Session 6 (parallel session)
10:30-11:00Tea and coffee
11:00-13:00Session 7 (parallel session)
13:00-14:00Lunch and MinSoc meeting
14:00-15:30Session 8
15:30-16:00Tea and coffee
16:00-17:00Session 9 (parallel session)
18:00 onwardsConference dinner at Llandaff Institute

Day 4 - Sunday 25 August

09:00-10:30Session 10
10:30-11:00Tea and coffee
11:00-12:00Session 11 (lecture-recital)
12:00-13:30Session 12
14:00Optional tours of Cardiff Castle/St Fagans

Minimalism Extended - draft panels

1. Works
  • Invisible Cities
    • 'Site'-specific Opera: Invisible Cities and Postminimal Opera in the Age of YouTube - Cecilia Livingston
    • Telling Stories: Repetition Elaboration, and Memory-Making in Invisible Cities - Kathryn Caton
  • WTC 9/11
    • Modes of Compositional Engagement in Steve Reich's WTC 9/11 (2010) - Celia Fitz-Walter
    • 'Simply Sitting': Interpretations of Shmira in Steve Reich's WTC 9/11 - Ryan Hepburn
2. Composition/Process
  • Coloratura Through Minimalist Grid: Institutional Theory of Art and Un'Opera Italiana by Tom Johnson - Jelena Novak
  • (In)Determinate Process in Philip Glass's 1+1 - Martin Ross
  • Singing from the Same Hymn Sheet? A Reconsideration of John Cale and Terry Riley's Church of Anthrax - Pwyll ap Siôn and Richard Witts
  • Electrifying the Compositional Process: Steve Reich, The Four Sections, Electric Counterpoint, and a Macintosh Computer - Twila Bakker
3a. Pop/Minimalism
  • Black Minimalism: Reframing Minimalism in Popular and Electronic Dance Music, Between Hyperlocalization and Transnational Networks - Lorenzo Montefinese
  • The Parallel Histories of Minimalism and Detroit Techno - Mark Perry
  • Pop as Minimalism: How Loops Affect Mediation, Materiality and Expressivity in Contemporary Pop Music - Anders Reuter
  • How the Minimalist Elements of the Avant-Garde Were Subsumed into the Development of Post-punk and New Wave Bands of the Late 1970s - Simon Strange
3b. Perception/Analysis
  • A Curriculum of Repetition: Developing Analytical Models - Tom Baker
  • IMPEA: A Listening and Analysis Model - David Garner
  • Lecture-recital: Ensemble Interaction and Game Procedures in Gradual Process Music - Richard Glover
4a. Prog/Minimalism
  • Minimalist Process as Metaphysical Praxis in the Music of Magma - Jedd Schneider
  • King Crimson: Minimalism and Popular Music - Jacopo Conti
4b. David Lang
  • The Difficulty of David Lang's the whisper opera - Victoria Aschheim
  • My Favourite Year: Producing David Lang's Elevated for the Stage - Jerry Pergolesi
5. Three Sites
  • Alvin Curran in Italy: Minimal Music/Maximal Counterculture - Daniel Varela
  • Live Batts!!! Late British Digital Systems Music: Dogs, Lions, and All - Virginia Anderson (2)
  • Paul Dresher: West Coast Maverick - Dean Suzuki
6a. Gilberto Mendes
  • Bandeira. Bertolucci. Issa. Cortázar. Intertextuality and Impurity in Mendes' Post-Minimalism - Rita Domingues
  • Lecture-recital: Minimalist Aspects in Gilberto Mendes' Work and in My Own Music - Tarso Ramos
6b. Perception/Analysis
  • Teleology Thwarted: Towards a Typology of Minimalist Repetition - Maarten Beirens
  • Desert Plants and Dronoclasm: On the Difficulty of Describing the Experience of Minimalist Music - James Kopf
  • Towards Understanding Canonic Creativity in Steve Reich's Later Music - Jason Jedlicka
7a. Performance/Embodiment
  • Assembling 'Meredith Monk and Vocal Ensemble', 1975-86 - Ryan Ebright
  • Minimalist Enlightenment: Racialized Alpha Activity in Pauline Oliveros's Meditation Project -Tysen Dauer
  • Choreographing Minimalist Music - Stephanie Schroedter
7b. And/On Screen
  • 'The Grid' (Daft Punk, not Philip Glass): Minimalism and Retrofuturist Film and Television Soundtracks - Adam Harper
  • Sampling Minimalism in the Scores of Ex Machina and Annihilation - Leah Weinberg
  • Scoring Suburbia: The Uses and Influences of Minimalist Techniques Within Thomas Newman's Score for American Beauty (1999) - Charis Richardson
8. Canto Ostinato (plus Ian Pace?)
  • Minimalism and Indeterminacy: An Examination of the van Veen Recordings of Canto Ostinato - Stacey Low
  • The Role of Repetition in Simeon ten Holt's Canto Ostinato - Keith Potter
9. And/On Screen
  • The Koyaanisqatsi Effect: The Memetic Impact of Philip Glass's Score on Modern Documentary Filmmaking - Andrew Granade
  • Looping, Extended Vocal Techniques, and Post(pop)minimalism in Recent Film Soundtracks - John Richardson and Anna-Elena Pääkölä
10. Reception/Recording
  • Perceptions of and Responses to American Minimalist Music within Contemporary Russia - Tara Wilson
  • 'Philip Glass Stinks': A Reflection on the Ideology Behind Some Criticisms of Minimalist Music Addressed by Contemporary Music Composers - Sarah-Anne Arsenault
  • A Record of Minimalism: John Adams and Robert Hurwitz at Nonesuch - Robert Fink
11. Lecture-recital600 Lines for solo guitar - Massimo Menotti
12. Reception/Analysis
  • Julius Eastman and Expressions of Objectivity in American Minimalism - George Adams
  • The Truth Shall Set You Free: What Sort of Rain Did Brother Walter Really Prophesy? - John Pymm
  • 'Open the Bruise Up': Identity and Memory in Steve Reich's Music - Diogo Carvalho