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There will be a variety of papers and presentations exploring musical minimalism.

This conference will be built on a platform of shared dialogue, where the aesthetics of musical minimalism are seen to engage with other contemporary art forms, interrogate and assimilate other musical styles and traditions, and adapt to the stage and screen.

Keynote speaker

The keynote speaker for the conference will be Sumanth Gopinath, University of Minnesota.


Papers will explore the intersection of minimalist music and other artistic forms:

  • minimalism and/on the stage
  • minimalism and/on the screen
  • minimalism and/in the printed word
  • minimalism and/in the visual arts.


The organisers will also welcome presentations on:

  • core minimalist works and composers
  • minimalist precursors
  • minimalism within and outside the USA
  • minimalism and the ‘long 60s’
  • minimalism and (global) popular music
  • minimalist music as cultural practice
  • aesthetics/listening/analysis of minimalist music.

Organising committee