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The summary conference programme provides details of the keynote speakers and session times over the two days.

The information below was up-to-date as of the 26th June, but more changes have been made since then, with last minute withdrawals etc. Registered conference delegates should use the programme in the conference MS Teams channel, rather than the information below, because it will be the most up to date

If you have any questions about the programme or any other aspects of the conference, please contact

Day one: Thursday 8 July 2021

Conference Introduction9.00 - 9.15Introduction from JUC SWEC Chair and conference organisers
Plenary 1: Keynote Speaker9.15-10.15Reclaiming the role of the 'social' in the care and support of older people, with Alisoun Milne (University of Kent)
Parallel Session A11.00-12.00Presentations and symposiums
Parallel Session B13.00-14.00Presentations and symposiums
Plenary 2: Keynote Speakers14.30-15.30Alliances between universities and service users with Jadwiga Leigh (Lancaster University) and Mellisa Hempenstall (Peer Mentor Lead) from the New Beginnings project.
Parallel Session C16.00-17.00Presentations and symposiums
Fringe Meetings17.00 - 18.00Fringe sessions

Day two: Friday 9 July 2021

Fringe Sessions 8.00 - 9.00Fringe sessions
Plenary 3: Panel Discussion9.00 - 10.00A panel discussion about social work and politics with Mark Drakeford (First Minister of Wales), Hilary Armstrong (former UK Government Minister) and Julie Morgan (Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services in the Welsh Government)
Parallel Session D10.30 - 11.50Presentations and symposiums
Poster Discussion 12.30 - 1.00Poster authors available to discuss their posters (which are on display throughout the conference)
Plenary 4: Keynote Speaker13.00-14.00Intersectionality and social work education: Claudia Bernard (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Parallel Session E14.30-15.50Presentations and symposiums
Plenary 4:
Closing Remarks
16.00 - 16.30 Closing remarks and 2022 conference announcement

Running order for JSWEC 2021 parallel sessions

Session IDTime slotAll presenters and Title of Presentations
8 July

Chair: David Westlake 

Alyson Rees - An evaluation of the Fostering Wellbeing programme

Peter Nelson, Richard Martin - What makes a looked after child happy or unhappy?

Shannon Billett, Lorna Stabler - How can support care work to reduce the need for children to be in care: using stakeholder knowledge to produce programme theory

8 July

Chair: Janet Melville-Wiseman 

Amanda Taylor-Beswick - Digitising social work education: when incidental learning isn't enough

Emily Rosenorn-Lanng, Sally Lee, Stevie Corbin-Clarke - The development of game based-learning (GBL) to enhance social work education

Sarah Brown, Anne Kelly, Eleni Skoura-Kirk - Using video analysis to develop communication skills in social work students

8 July

Chair: Aimee Cummings 

Anthony Charles - The rise of Welsh 'neo-welfare'?: What children say

Rachel Parker - A community development approach for adolescent self-harm: exploring community-based perspectives for preventative intervention support in Wales.

A:4 11:00-12:00
8 July

Chair: Catrin Wallace 

Dan Jones - Small steps, big aspirations: How research has influenced practice in a Welsh local authority

Maria Clark, Gillian Ruch - Promoting emotional literacy and cultures of care in children’s safeguarding contexts: Introducing Kitbag resources to multi-agency community workers.

A:5 11:00-12:00
8 July

Chair: Hugh Mclaughlin 

Anna Harvey - Climate Social Work - the trauma of a foreclosed future and what we can do to help

Mary Hurley, Fiachra Ó Suilleabhain,  Catherine Forde - Ongoing research and pedagogical endeavours in developing a new trans-disciplinary module on Sustainability, Environmental and Social Justice Issues in Professional Practice in University College Cork, Ireland

Jaime Ortiz, Jo Redcliffe - The inclusion of economics training within social work education: An international comparison

8 July

Chair: Cindy Corliss 

Vivi Antonopoulou, David Westlake, David Wilkins - Working with complex cases: A comparative analysis of quality of practice for Child in Need and Child Protection cases within Children’s Services in a UK local authority

Suzanne Triggs - From transmission to transformation: How using coaching enabled children’s social workers to enhance their practice & fulfil their vocational aspirations

A:7 11:00-12:00
8 July

Chair: Tom Slater

Jo Finch, David McKendrick - Using WhatsApp as a discursive and reflective space: academic-eese, colloquialism and swimming hell

Jason Schaub - Does social work want more men?

Jo Warner - Mind the gap: Building social work research capacity through an equalities framework

8 July
Allison Hulmes (Chair) - Meeting of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Social Work Association @GRTSWAssoc
SA1 11:00-12:00
8 July

Chair: Fiachra Ó Suilleabháin 

Symposium - Risk versus rights: current challenges in Irish social work practice regarding assessment of adult disclosures of childhood sexual abuse

Fiachra Ó Suilleabháin - Non-recent allegations of abuse: Socio-historic contexts, contemporary responses, professional dilemmas

Geraldine O'Sullivan - Irish social workers' experiences of assessing adult disclosures of childhood sexual abuse: The challenge of balancing risk and rights

Joseph Mooney - Helping adults tell: Incorporating the EU victims directive into the assessment of retrospective disclosures of childhood sexual abuse

Session IDTime slotAll presenters and Title of Presentation
8 July

Chair: Alyson Rees 

Dharman Jeyasingham, Julie Morton - How do black and minority ethnic students experience social work programmes and how do lecturers make sense of these students’ experiences?  Findings from research in England and Norway

Bob Cecil - Informed consent or control? Disquieting reflections on ethics and young service users' participation in social work education

Humaira Hussain, Jan Parker - Neonate simulators: Enhancing social work practitioners' knowledge of problem substance use during pregnancy

B:2 1:00-2:00
8 July

Chair: Donald Forrester 

Liz Beddoe, Harry Ferguson - Supervision in child protection: Space and time, containment or confinement?

Rosemary Vito - Social work leadership revisited:  Participatory versus directive approaches during service system transformation

8 July

Chair: Hannah Bayfield 

Kevin Brazant - Promoting positive father involvement

Simon Haworth - Social work with single fathers

8 July

Chair: Louise O’Connor 

Neil Gibson - Therapeutic photography in social work

Rachel Parry Hughes, Tim Fisher, Seth Oliver, Mike Clarke, Camden activist/care-experienced young person - Hopeful disruption:  Art in social work spaces

8 July

Chair: Dan Burrows 

Alison Tarrant - Independent living and adult social care

Jo Redcliffe, Jaime Ortiz - The impact of social work education on students’ knowledge of and attitudes towards disability issues: An international comparison

8 July

Chair: Jo Finch 

Clive Diaz, Sarah Thompson - Rationing social services: What are the key considerations for social workers when distributing devolved budgets?

Phil Smith, Martin Elliott - Child welfare inequalities in Wales: Practice and prevention

8 July

Chair: Sarah Thompson 

Helen Hodges - Do we care more in Wales?

Helen Whincup, Margaret Grant - Permanently progressing? Building secure futures for children in Scotland: Phase One findings

June Thoburn - Using administrative data to improve planning for child and family placements

8 July

Editors of social work journals

(Chair John Devaney)

Meet the editors - Advice for potential authors of journal papers from: Jane Fenton (Social Work Education); Steven Shardlow (Journal of Social Work)

8 July

Chair: Gillian Ruch 

Symposium - Giving voice and being heard: The role of recordkeeping in children’s social care

Gillian Ruch and Perpetua Kirby - What do we mean by ‘giving children voice’ and how do children know when their voice has been heard?

Elizabeth Shepherd - 'My lack of voice’: human-centred recordkeeping

Rebecca Watts - Me and my world: Child-centred relationships and records in practice

Session IDTime SlotAll Presenters and Title of Presentations
8 July

Chair: Louise Roberts

Autumn Roesch-Marsh - The importance of transition experiences for wellbeing; reflections on a study of BME, refugee, and migrant children’s transitions from early years to primary education in Scotland

Bridget Ng'andu, Sweta Rajan-Rankin - Bordering and navigating hostile environments: Advocating for asylum seekers and refugees through Social Work Without Borders (SWWB)

Yohai Hakak, Sehrish Ali,  Chipo Maendesa -Parenting in mixed families in contemporary London: a comparative perspective

8 July

Chair: Martin Elliott

Steven M Shardlow, Honglin Chen, Echo YW Yeung - Using “self-efficacy” as an outcome measure in programme evaluation

Rosemary Vito - How do social work leaders understand and ideally practice leadership?  A synthesis of core leadership practices

8 July

Chair: Helen Hodges

Anita Franklin, Geraldine Brady - Effectiveness of child sexual abuse services from the perspectives of young people with learning disabilities/learning difficulties

Jane Hernon - Disabled young people’s social workers and experiences of child protection enquiries and their aftermath

Wahida Kent - Who supports the families of Black and Minority Ethnic children with life-limiting conditions?

8 July

Chair: Sam Baron

Ed Janes - Ethics, recruitment and confidentiality: Young carers research in the school environment

Pam Alldred, Fin Cullen - How to show care in social work education?

8 July

Chair: Anthony Charles

Christine Cocker - Transitional safeguarding: Transforming how adolescents and young adults are safeguarded

Lauren Wroe - The role of surveillance in safeguarding responses to extra familial harm: watching over or working with?

8 July

Chair: Colette Mcauley

Sue Taplin - Social work with older people: An interprofessional approach to practice learning

Maxine Taylor - The impact of social work education on police work

8 July

Chair: Jane Mclenachan

Fiona Templeton - "My Experience of School - The Perspective of Adoptees aged 16-21 years"

Michael Arribas-Ayllon - Genetic testing and adoption: on the intolerance of uncertainty

8 July

Chair: Gillian Ruch

Symposium - From practitioner to practice supervisor: Exploring pedagogic practices for professional development

Jo Williams and Gillian Ruch - Learning to learn: Reflections on the development and delivery of the PSDP model of teaching and learning

Adi Staempfli and Jo Williams - The deep dive: practice development through individual and small group reflective spaces

Alison Domakin and Jo Williams - Closing the circle: Engaging the sector in embedding the learning from the PSDP

8 July

Chair: Rick Hood

Symposium - Inspecting Inspection: The nature and impact of government inspection on social work with children and families

Rick Hood - Reflexive regulation: Exploring the impact of Ofsted inspections on children’s social care services

Vivi Antonopoulou, David Wilkins - OFSTED and children’s services: What performance indicators and other factors are associated with better inspection results? A critical analysis of the evidence based on two studies

Harry Ferguson and Matthew Gibson - What do Ofsted inspectors actually do? Inspection methodology and data as a form of knowledge about social work with children and families

Session IDTime SlotAll Presenters and Title of Presentations
9 July

Chair: Clive Diaz

Jane McLenachan - Social work education in Scotland: what differentiates us makes us stronger?

Joe Hanley - Comprehensive social work education: A pipe dream whose time has come

Pat Cartney - Manchester Poverty Truth Commission revisited

Hugh Mclaughlin, Helen Scholar - ‘Shall I go or shall I stay?’ Children and family social workers' intentions to leave or remain in social work

9 July

Chair: Verity Bennett

Anna Gupta, Mr Tim Fisher, Ms Annie Bertram, Clarissa Stevens -  Changing the stories and the story-tellers: Reflections on a family- led child protection enquiry

David Westlake, Cindy Corliss - What can the ‘Social Workers in Schools’ pilots teach us about multi-agency working?

Eleanor Lutman-White - The nature and extent of parental participation in child protection conferences

Godfred Boahen, Sarah Brown -Family group conferences: Identifying outcomes desired by families and professionals

9 July

Chair: Paula Beesley

Julie Lawrence - Community Development: the promotion of staff well-being supporting local citizens who experience personal hardship due to poverty

Pearse McCusker - Critical mindfulness in social work: Self-care as anti-oppressive practice in the journey from student to social worker

Jim Greer - Experiences of emotional support within social work supervision

Louise O'Connor - Reclaiming the role of emotions in social work: Learning from an ethnographic study


9 July

Session in Welsh with simultaneous translation to English

Chair: Ceryl Davies

Ceryl Teleri Davies -  Camdriniaeth teulu ‘cudd’: Archwiliad o gamdriniaeth plentyn tuag at riant / gofalwr.

(Invisible family abuse: An exploration of child to parent/carer abuse)

Mike Thomas - Ymchwilio i effaith priodas a phartneriaethau sifil ar gyplau LHD: goblygiadau ar gyfer gwaith cymdeithasol

(Investigating the impact of marriage and civil partnerships on LGB couples: implications for social work)

Tirion Havard - Partneriaid mewn troseddau:  Ydy ffônau symudol yn cymryd rhan cyfrinachol mewn rheolaeth orfodol?

(Partners in crime: Do mobiles phone secretly participate in coercive control?)

Miriam Leigh, Angela Rees - Defnyddio cynllunio ieithyddol a dull mesh i adeiladu cymuned ddysgu ddwyieithog – adeiladu breuddwyd bensaernïol

(Using language planning and a mesh approach to construct a bilingual learning community – building an architectural dream)

9 July

Chair: Jo Redcliffe

Autumn Roesch-Marsh - Care leavers, mental health and social media

Eavan Brady - Exploring diversity in the educational pathways of care-experienced adults: Findings from a life course study of education and care

Joe Janes - The role and influence of Welsh youth offending teams in the context of pre-devolution youth justice in wales

Sally Pritchard - Should I stay or should I go? Exploring the decisions made by young people in foster care as they turn 18.

9 July

Chair: Jo Williams

Cassian Rawcliffe - Narrative interviews in social work research and practice: Learning from the stories of male survivors of intimate partner abuse

John Devaney, Eva Alisic, Claire Houghton - Issues of identity for young people bereaved by domestic homicide

Kimberly Detjen - Developing an understanding of the interactions between child protection social workers and women who have been subjected to domestic abuse

9 July

Chair: Zoe Bezeczky

Alyson Rees, Tom Slater - A multi-disciplinary review of Child Practice Reviews in Wales

Angela Endicott - An exploration of the interplay between child protection practice, parental substance misuse and inequality.

Kim Holt, Nancy Kelly -‘Children not trophies’: an ethnographic study of private family law practice in England.

9 July

Chair: Frank Keating

Christine Cocker, Anna Wright, Heidi Dix - Evaluation of two statutory placement experiences on the qualifying Social Work programmes at University of East Anglia and University of Suffolk

Emma Perry, David Hambling - Practicing for practice – evaluating simulated learning experiences on a social work qualifying programme and its impacts on preparing social work students for practice

Liz Beddoe, Allen Bartley, Neil Ballantyne, Lisa King, Kendra Cox - Practising what we preach: The impact of placements on social work student hardship and stress in Aotearoa New Zealand

D:9 10:30-11:50
9 July
Kish Bhatti-Sinclair (Chair) - Meeting of Social Work Education Anti-Racist Network (SWEARN). Black Lives Matter in Social Work
SD1 10:30-11:50
9 July

Chair: Annie Williams

Symposium - Secure Accommodation in the UK: Gaps in services and knowledge

Hannah Bayfield and Annie Williams - Too many snakes and not enough ladders: journeys in and out of secure accommodation

Ross Gibson - Findings from The Scottish Secure Care Research Group

Sophie Wood - Secure accommodation: Best outcomes for vulnerable young people

Emma Miller - Bridging the gap to promote hope in secure care

Session IDTime SlotAll Presenters and Title of Presentations
9 July

Chair: David Wilkins

Daniel Burrows - Negotiating relationships in multi-disciplinary work: Lessons from a hospital social work team

Janet Melville-Wiseman - Illusions of consent – Police and Crown Prosecution Service responses to victims of professional sexual abuse in mental health services

Jill Hemmington - Approved mental health professionals’ decision-making in mental health act assessments

Frank Keating - A life course approach to mental health recovery for African and Caribbean men

9 July

Chair: Amanda Filchett

Barbara Neale - Contemporary social work practice: The struggles of transforming yesterday’s professional skill set

Kim Robinson - Social work education steps up to family violence. Responding to the Royal Commission into Family Violence recommendations, Victoria Australia

Miriam Leigh - Teaching law to social work students – Super-imposing two models and developing a narrative approach

9 July

Chair: Patricia Cartney

Tirion Havard - “From postcodes to profit”: Girls in gangs in Waltham Forest

Ceryl Teleri Davies - This is abuse?  Voices of young women on the meaning(s) of intimate partner abuse

Kristine Hickle, Michelle Lefevre, Rachel Larkin - Understanding and addressing the emergent challenge of child criminal exploitation

Lauren Wroe - Social Harm Theory and ‘county lines’: supporting the sector to keep children safe

9 July

Chair: Sue Taplin 

Sally Lee - Partnerships to promote sexual well-being

Paschal Gumadwong Bagonza - ‘...I don’t get too deep because when you become too close you can’t hide yourself no more’: ‘Queer’ asylum seekers and refugees in the UK (still) flaunting ‘it’ under wraps

Karl Mason, Christine Cocker, Trish Hafford-Letchfield - Sexuality and religion in the social work classroom: Exploring the implications of a court of appeals judgment for social work educators

9 July

Chair: Vivi Antonopoulou 

Holly Nelson-Becker and Jason Codrington - What is the place of spirituality and religion in health and social care with older people?

Jeremy Dixon - How social workers engage with carers during adult safeguarding work: The use of ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ risk management strategies

Jon Hyslop - The contribution of peer networks to community development: Lessons from personalisation

9 July

Chair: Mel Meindl 

Dawn Mannay - Enabling talk and reframing messages: Working creatively with care experienced children and young people to recount and revisualize their educational experiences

Jen Lyttleton-Smith, Pippa Anderson - The development of ‘well-being’ discourse in the UK and its implications for social care policy and practice

Lee Evans - The value of independent advocacy andthe voice of unaccompanied asylum seeking children

Tracey Race - Hearing the voice of the child in child protection processes

9 July

Chair: Rachel Parry Hughes 

Andrea Cooper - Time to care in social work

Denise Tanner, Mo Ray, co-researcher - Minding our business: the significance of older self-funders to social work

Paul Willis, Liz Lloyd, Denise Tanner - Identifying innovative and distinctive social work practice with older adults: a study of social work in multi-professional teams in England


9 July

Chair: Lee Sobo-Allen

Andrew Borwick-Fox - Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE): Exploring and understanding social workers decision-making and practices with children identified as being at risk of CSE.

Clive Diaz, Nathaniel Wilson, Laura Vincent - Professional perspectives on contextual safeguarding: Astudy in one local authority

Kish Bhatti-Sinclair - Impactful impact: Acase study on child sexual exploitation and race discrimination

Lauren Hill, Clive Diaz - An exploration of how gender stereotypes influence how practitioners identify and respond to young people at risk of child sexual exploitation

9 July
Colette McAuley and Hugh McLaughlin (Chairs) - Meeting of the Four nations social work PhD network

List of Posters

1. Aisha Howells and Caroline BaldThe 4 Cs Model of Wellbeing Education: Exploring support for social work students’ wellbeing and development of professional resilience
2. Annabel GoddardAssessments in children's social work: Running the risk of losing relationships
3. Emma SpeerEnduring relationships & commitment: experiences of adolescent entrants to foster care and foster carers
4. HeeSoon LeeA pilot study of assessing readiness of social work students’ field work using Q methodology
5. HeeSoon LeePast, present, and future role of the senior center to promote aging in place: Historical analysis of the evolution of the wood county committee on aging (WCCOA) in Ohio, USA
6. Jackie LelkesWhat factors impact on and inform social workers decision-making, when applying the Mental Capacity Act (2005) to practice?
7. Jahnine DavisWhere are the black girls? Acontinuum of devaluation, silenced within the home, research, policy and practice
8. Jane HernonMaking connections: Involving practitioner and experts by experience in social work education: insights from one teaching partnership
9. Joe StrongGerontological social work education: Where's the neuroscience? a literature review
10. Joe StrongImplications of neuroplasticity in gerontological social work
11. Kate Parkinson and Deanna EdwardsFamily group conferences: An opportunity to re-frame responses to the abuse of older people?
12. Maryam BhamThe AstonProject as a vehicle for community development
13. Paula BeesleySupporting social work students to maximise their engagement on placement by understanding their strengths, learning needs and learning styles
14. Rachel Parry HughesThe New Town Culture Programme
15. Sally NiemanExploring the social work role in relation to older people in care homes within the context of strengths-based practice
16. Siliba SibandaTraversing the urban casework approach and the rural developmental social work model
17. Stephanie GreenIntergenerational care in Wales: Where next?
18. Vivian J. MillerA value-critical policy analysis of Medicare Part B: A focus on Latin/x and African American older adults
19. Vivian J. MillerTransportation is critical to community connectedness: Family members visitation to residents in nursing homes and the social determinants of mental health

Fringe Events

Timetable slotFringe event organiser and Event Title
Thursday 8 July

Caroline Bald, Aaron Wyllie and Ines Martinez - Collateral consequences of criminal records and social work education: An agenda for change

Kieron Hatton,Jan Parker, Humaira Hussain, Jo Redcliffe, Tracey Maegusku-Hewett - Creativity and Simulation

Janet Melville-Wiseman - Legal protection of title –how far should this extend?

Paul Willis - Sexuality and Social Work Special Interest Group: Annual UK meeting

Sue Taplin and Paula Beesley - Social Work Student Placements in a time of remote learning: how COVID-19 has impacted practice learning opportunities

Paula McFadden - Social Work Workforce Wellbeing Event

June Thoburn - The place of political activism within social work: Lessons from the first seven years of Labour Social Work Group

Friday 9 July

Kirsten Morley and Lisa Warwick -  How do we stop our social work students from turning into robots? Instilling long-lasting principles of values-based practice

Jo Warner - Social Work Legitimacy