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8:30: Arrival and registration

9:00: Refreshments

9:30:  Plenary session 

9:30: Introduction to the day (Dr Judith Carrier)

9:40: Welcome to Cardiff (Professor David Whitaker)

10:00: GRADE: A trustworthy approach to move from evidence synthesis to implementable recommendations (Associate Professor Zachary Munn, JBI/GRADE, Adelaide, Australia)

10:20: Panel questions

10:30 Refreshments and poster viewing

11:00: Evidence implementation-challenges in the real world, chaired by Dr Ray Samuriwo:

11:00: Evidence implementation, the role of the Clinical Professor in Midwifery: a Welsh Perspective (Professor Julia Sanders)

11:15: Evidence implementation, the role of the Clinical Professor in Allied Health: a Scottish Perspective (Professor Kay Cooper)

11:30: Evidence implementation, the role of the Clinical Professor in Nursing: a Scottish Perspective (Professor Angela Kydd)

11:45: Challenges of implementation (Dr Aled Jones)

12:00: Implementing evidence-Benefits of JBI clinical partnership (Dr Lynn Middleton, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board)

12:10: ABUHB example projects: Mental Capacity Act (Tom Grace)

12:20: ABUHB example projects: Early recognition of heart failure deterioration (Sarah Cross / Denise Hockey)

12:30: Panel questions

12:45: Lunch and poster viewing

Concurrent Sessions:

14:00-15:00: Room 0.27: Four selected oral presentations, chaired by Dr Clare Bennett and Dr Anna Sydor

14:00: The Conceptual Framework of Implementing Postoperative Acute Pain Management in the Activity of Nurses in Romania (Carmen Mazilu, Romania)

14:15:  A new interactive product design for evidence mapping in Public Health Wales (Amy Hookway, Public Health Wales.)

14:30: Thinking globally, acting locally: Palliative Care Evidence Review Service (PaCERS) (Mala Mann, Cardiff University)

14:45: After a suicide: An interpretative synthesis of the experiences of health, education and social care workers (Hilary Causer, University of Worcester

14:00-15:00: Lecture Theatre: European implementation projects, chaired by Dr Jane Harden and Dr Nicola Evans

14:00: European Implementation Project Spain (Mr Josep Maria Gutierrez)

14:15: Integration and implementation of Capillary blood sampling best practice in a Swiss children hospital Switzerland (Dr Beatrice Perrenoud)

14:30: I-Hydrate Improving Hydration Care in for People Living in Residential Care Home London, U.K. (Professor Heather Loveday)

14:45: The role of PRIME (FRAIT study) S.Wales, UK (Dr Carolyn Wallace)

15:00 Panel Questions

15.15 Short Break and Poster Viewing

15:30: The role of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Midwifery Development (Professor Billie Hunter)

15:45: Machine learning (Alison Weightman, SURE)

16:00: Challenges and opportunities in evidence synthesis (Jon Brassey, TRIP database)

16:20: Panel questions

16:40 Summary and Conference close