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Beryl Noë

Beryl Noe

Beryl has been a part of the School of Computer Science and Informatics for more than five years, currently working on a research project in collaboration with the School of Social Sciences and the Aneurin Bevan Health Board.

Originally with plans to join us for only a short-term period, the opportunities that opened up to her and support she has been given has taken her on an exciting research pathway that has also provided experience in teaching.

“I originally came over to do an ERASMUS programme and completed my Master’s thesis with Professor Roger Whitaker and Professor Stuart Allen as my supervisors. They encouraged me to apply for a PhD position, which I got. My research has focused on how smartphone-user interaction events can be used as a proxy for smartphone usage behaviours, but I have also looked into user behaviour, user mood, and smartphone addiction.

“I had the opportunity to teach undergraduate and postgraduate students within the School which I really enjoyed as I found it very rewarding to work with students.“I have most recently taken on a Research Assistant (RA) role after a colleague in the School started a new project and asked if I would like to be involved. I’m very happy with this position; not only do I appreciate my working hours of four days a week, the most important and enjoyable aspect for me is having a great team to work with and a project which I find really interesting.

“Although I never came to the School of Computer Science and Informatics with a long-term plan, the opportunities and support that I have been given has seen me progress from my Master's, to doing a PhD, to my current Research Assistant position.”