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About us

Community Gateway aims to help make Grangetown an even better place to live and work by brokering university and community partnerships.

It has launched more than 48 community-university projects making connections between University staff, students and Grangetown residents to help bring community-led ideas to life.

Projects have included the award-winning Grangetown Youth Forum, a regular Grangetown Business Forum which led to the launch of Grangetown’s first World Street Market, a Run Grangetown social running group, an annual mental health day event, arts therapy programmes, a Citizen Scientists programme and Grangetown Safety Week.

The project has also renovated a vacant bowls pavilion as a community venue, including the launch of the locally-run community-focused Hideout Café which hosts a monthly Culture Café.

Community Gateway has been funded for a further five years (2017-2022) and hopes to secure a total of £1.5m capital funds to fully renovate and develop vital community asset the Grange Pavilion, which will present a unique opportunity for students to be involved alongside community members in realising this world-class, community-led resource.