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We are working on a number of research projects related to Muslims in the UK.

Woman in headscarf writing on white board

Discovering Muslims in Britain: for Key Stage 3

Enhancing the teaching of Islam and Muslims in religious education (RE) through a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Hassan II Mosque

Understanding British Imams

This project aims to conduct the most detailed and rigorous study ever undertaken of British imams.

Holding Hands

Understanding Muslim Mental Health

This course will benefit those dealing with, or interested in mental health in Muslim communities.

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Prison-based Interventions for Muslim Offenders (PRIMO)

Designing, piloting and testing a coherent strategy to maximise the rehabilitative effects of Islam in prison.

Peel street Opening

Islam in Wales

The project seeks to document and tell the “story” of Islam in Wales.

Transformational: Converts in British Muslim Life

An exploration of how Muslim converts in positions of leadership are shaping contemporary British Muslim life.

Legacies of Learning: from Turath to Transformation

By exploring the lives of historic Muslim scholars, we are interested in analysing and drawing out principles about the way the Islamic tradition can enable human and educational flourishing.