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2009 public lectures

Listings and videos of our seminar series in 2009.

Ziauddin Sardar

Islam, Public Space, and British Muslims

Video of Ziauddin Sardar's lecture

Part one of interview with Ziauddin Sardar

Part two of interview with Ziauddin Sardar

Writer, broadcaster and cultural critic, Ziauddin Sardar is the author of Desperately Seeking Paradise (Granta Books, 2004) and Balti Britain (Granta Books, 2008).

Sadek Hamid

Young, Muslim and British: an introduction to a field

Video of Sadek Hamid's lecture

Interview with Sadek Hamid

Sadek Hamid is Programme Leader and Lecturer in Muslim Youth Work at the University of Chester.

Shaykh Amjad Mohammed

Recent Hanafi Fatawa in the British Context

Video of Shaykh Amjad Mohammed's lecture

Interview with Shaykh Amjad Mohammed

Shaykh Amjad Mohammad is a doctoral student at the University of Bradford.

Grahame Davies

The Welsh and the Muslims: contact, coexistence and conflict in five centuries of literature

24 February 2009

Video of Grahame Davies' lecture

Graham Davies is a poet, editor and literary critic in Welsh and English, Honorary Research Fellow of Cardiff University’s School of Religious and Theological Studies.

Robina Mohammad

Pakistani Muslims in Britain: communities in transition. A Birmingham-focused case study

3 March 2009

Video of Robina Mohammad's lecture

Interview with Robina Mohammad

Robina Mohammad is a lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Plymouth.

Bill Gent

Inside the world of British mosque supplementary classes

10 March 2009

Video of Bill Gent's lecture

Interview with Bill Gent

Bill Gent works as an independent consultant and edits REsource, the journal of the National Association of Teachers of RE (NATRE).

Nasar Meer

Islamophobia: real or imagined?

17 March 2009

Video of Nasar Meer's lecture

Interview with Nasar Meer

Nasar Meer is Research Fellow in the Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship (CSEC), University of Bristol.

Kerry Moore and Justin Lewis

Representations of British Muslims in the Media

24 March 2009

Video of Kerry Moore and Justin Lewis' lecture

Part one of interview with Kerry and Justin

Part two of interview with Kerry and Justin

Kerry Moore is a lecturer in Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.

Justin Lewis is Professor of Communication and Head of the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University.