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Research and impact

We conduct theoretically driven, methodologically innovative and empirically grounded research into the relationships between the internet and global politics.

Our research themes

Internet governance and digital policy

The increasing debate on how to govern internet infrastructure and implement norms and technical protocols is increasingly at the centre of international negotiations.

We closely follow the rapidly changing developments in this new dimension of global governance, paying particular attention to the role played by geo-politics and power inequalities across countries and actors, including governments, private sectors and civil society organisations.

Internet and global security

We support critical research on the relationship between the internet and global security, and particularly on emerging topics such as cyber security and cyber warfare.

We are concerned with these topics primarily through a broadened conception of security, including human security, societal security and environmental security. We promote research that scrutinises how securitisation of digital technologies challenges rights of privacy and freedom of expression.

Moreover, we include analyses of how ICT can be used for conflict management, early warning and post-war peace-building purposes in contemporary conflicts.

Internet and human rights

The use of digital technologies offers evidence on how they may boost claims, give global visibility to local struggles, and even challenge autocratic regimes. At the same time, the use of digital technologies can expose people to threats if norms, regulatory frameworks, and technical protocols are used to filter content and monitor citizens.

We promote research and debate that address the relationship between the internet and human rights, giving high priority to the right of privacy and freedom of expression at a global level.

Our book series

These streams of research are central in the Rowman & Littlefield Book series Digital Technologies and Global Politics, which is formally associated with the Centre for Internet and Global Politics. The series, launched and edited by the Centre’s director Dr. Andrea Calderaro and Dr. Madeline Carr, disseminates cutting-edge and multi-disciplinary research in the field.