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About us

We are an academic research forum leading innovative scholarly and policy oriented research that contributes to the global internet policy debate.

Computer mediated technologies have become central across multiple dimensions of global politics, generating novel streams of research in the field of international relations.

Our mission is to enhance reflection on the impact of the internet on global politics in its widest definition, and to provide innovative contributions in the field of internet studies. Our faculty includes experts on internet governance, internet and global security, and human rights.

We are hosted at the School of Law and Politics, and benefit from its outstanding multi-disciplinary expertise in:

  • International Relations
  • Global Governance
  • International Law
  • European Politics
  • Human Rights
  • Security Studies.

These are disciplines which offer key perspectives for understanding digital technologies in a global context.

We have received funding from independent national and international  research funding authorities. We welcome funding opportunities if offered in respect of our core values - dedicated to advancing fully independent and neutral studies for a more inclusive, accessible, open internet, ensuring respect of human rights worldwide.