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LRAW Presenting donation

Commitment to world-leading leukaemia research in Wales

28 March 2019

Cardiff University has thanked the Leukaemia Research Appeal for Wales for 37 years of outstanding support, and for contributing more than £2.3 million to leukaemia research at the University over that time.

Artist's impression of colon

Improving diagnosis of colorectal cancer

20 February 2019

Developing safe and cost-effective colorectal cancer tests

Artist's impression of torso and pancreas scan

Improving pancreatic cancer survival rates

20 February 2019

Finding new targets for early detection of pancreatic cancer

Dr Richard Clarkson and PhD Student, Anna, in the Institute Lab

Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund support search for better pancreatic cancer treatments

19 February 2019

Over £130,000 has been awarded to researchers at the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute to fund innovative research into targeting pancreatic cancer.

Gastric cancer

New target for gastric cancer therapies

29 January 2019

Cardiff University researchers shed light on development of gastric cancer

Breast cancer under a microscope

New insight into aggressive breast cancers

26 December 2018

Cardiff University researchers discover protein driving aggressive breast cancer

Dr Florian Siebzehnrubl and his lab outside of the Haydn Ellis Building

Medical Research Council funds glioblastoma research

21 November 2018

Scientists at Cardiff University will be able to get an insight into aggressive brain cancer, thanks to a major investment from the Medical Research Council.

Event poster for the Cancer Researcher of the Future event

Cancer scientists of the future

20 November 2018

The European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute is celebrating women in STEM and is helping to inspire the next generation of cancer researchers.

Dr Catherine Hogan on confocal

Amser Justin Time marks World Pancreatic Cancer Day

14 November 2018

A welsh charity is celebrating World Pancreatic Cancer Day by gifting over £39,000 to cutting-edge cancer research in Wales, to help pave the way to new early detection tools and therapies for one of the world’s deadliest cancers.

Dr Toby Phesse in his lab with Chloe Austin, Sarah Koushyar and Valarie Meniel

New funding to help find new gastric cancer therapies

19 October 2018

A major investment from the Medical Research Council will help scientists at Cardiff University investigate new treatment strategies for gastric cancer.