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Targeting Cancer Conference

Telecoms tycoon Sir Terry Matthews hosted the international three-day (24-26 July 2013) 'Targeting Cancer Conference' at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales.

The conference was dedicated to the theme of Cancer Stem Cells; luminaries in the field of cancer research convened from across the world to impart their cutting-edge research.

At the conference, Director of the University's European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute Professor Alan Clarke unveiled the Institute's new approach to tackling cancer.

Sharing the team's latest findings, Professor Clarke addressed how the University's cancer stem cell concept might be used to target cancer, and in the long term improve the prognosis for patients and develop new cancer therapies.

Speaking of this new strategy, Professor Clarke explained: "Cancer stem cells account for only a small proportion of cells in a tumour. However, they could be crucial to the way tumours form, grow and spread.

"The Research Institute will investigate the possibility that therapies aimed at cancer stem cells alone will offer a better success rate for cancer sufferers and will, we hope, markedly improve survival rates."

Speaking as Patron for the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, Sir Terry Matthews said:

"The impact of Professor Alan Clarke and his team's cancer research has implications way beyond the UK with potential to be world-leading and a huge gain to humanity. I wholeheartedly champion its efforts to develop new treatments across a broad range of cancers."

Among those attending the conference were Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Riordan, Nobel Prize Winner Sir Martin Evans, Mr Simon Gibson OBE, Lady Judith Evans and Professor Ole Petersen.