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Vision, mission and values

Our vision is for Cardiff University to be globally recognised as an internationally leading centre of excellence for broad-based, cross-disciplinary research and scholarship in advanced manufacturing technologies, processes and systems by 2020.

Our mission

Facilitate economic, environmental and social development through the creation of new and improved manufacturing technologies, processes and systems.

We will achieve this by promoting and supporting high quality, cross-disciplinary research and innovative knowledge exchange activities related to advanced manufacturing across Cardiff University and through encouraging collaboration with the best manufacturing researchers, industrialists and stakeholder organisations throughout the globe.

We will achieve this by:

Providing a focus, forum and unified voice for the cross-disciplinary manufacturing research community throughout Cardiff University, actively promoting its work on the global stage so as to maximise the impact of its achievements and thus demonstrate Cardiff University’s standing as an internationally leading centre of excellence for manufacturing research, teaching and knowledge exchange.

Complementing, supporting and enhancing high quality research and knowledge exchange activities within and across Cardiff University’s established manufacturing groupings, especially where cross-disciplinary and collaborative opportunities exist, providing tailored logistical, administrative and material support.

Facilitating a broad-based participation in manufacturing related research to generate approaches aimed at better addressing research challenges facing the High Value Manufacturing sector.

CAMSAC will actively support the development of partnerships with colleagues throughout academia, industry and the stakeholder community within the UK and internationally, including those often considered to be operating outside the ‘traditional’ manufacturing disciplines.

Our values

To foster and maintain an inclusive, encouraging and supportive community built on trust and underpinned by academic excellence that values diversity of disciplines and philosophies, within which ideas and innovation can flourish and deliver real practical benefits to the manufacturing sector and the wider society in which it operates can be fully realised.