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Who we work with

We maximise the impact of our research by actively working with organisations of every size, from early stage fledgling start-up companies to large global corporations, not-for-profit and public organisations.

Working with industry across the whole of the UK, we encourage, support and develop innovation. We work to build strong and effective relationships across government and the public sector. We seek out new knowledge and understanding, and work to ensure that it is applied for the widest possible benefit.

These case studies are just a few examples of our collaborative activities:

International impact

International impact

Harnessing the power of gold as a commercial catalyst.

WW and Durannce innovation

Environmental Impact

Implementing the ecosystem services approach for sustainable management of freshwaters.

Bus Innovation Image

Business innovation

An innovative airport logistics system for low-cost condition-based maintenance baggage handling operations.


Innovative technology

Global provider in ultrasound education and training.


Product innovation

Award winning 'Superbug' wet wipe project.

Participants get hands-on during the modules

Professional development

Delivering medical training for medical underwriters and claims assessors.

Borneo 1

Impact on policy

Protecting endangered species in Sabah, Borneo through creating new government policy state action plans.

Economic case study HaW

Economic impact

Reducing the cost of binge drinking and drink-related injuries across Wales.

MFL image

Education innovation

The modern foreign language student mentoring project and language horizons.

DNA Molecules

Healthcare innovation

Application of genomics as a national HIV clinical diagnostic service.

BBC logo on a window

Regional impact

We helped change the way the BBC reports on political issues.

I&I Partnership

Innovative partnership

Engineering alliance makes key advances in technology.

Food poverty

Societal Impact

Tackling food poverty in Cardiff and beyond.


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