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Placements and graduate opportunities

We are keen to share our expertise, knowledge and resources with local and national businesses.

Recognising the competitiveness of the current jobs market, we are committed to supporting our students’ employability by providing them with relevant work experience and placement opportunities. This allows them to apply their academic theory and class based teaching to real world scenarios and live business projects.

All of our students come with the Cardiff Business School hallmark of excellence and are ready to meet the evolving needs of your business. In our 2016 graduate employer survey, 98% rated the employability of our graduates as Good/Excellent.

There are many benefits for your organisation in providing student placements and there are a variety of ways you can tap in to the student talent pool, from full-time graduate positions to short term internships, and subject specific projects:

Insights are short periods of unpaid work experience suitable for undergraduate students and flexibly set up around their university timetables.

Working in partnership with businesses, the projects address a real business problem or issue and a comprehensive report is provided on completion. Students are supported by a member of faculty from the School, who will act as an internal project mentor throughout the duration of the project.

The Integrated Placement Programme is a unique and innovative programme that integrates a structured period of work experience into the BSc Business Management degree. Eligibility criteria means that only a select group of students can access this programme, ensuring you can choose from the very best young professionals we have to offer.

Internships typically last 6–11 weeks between the months of July and September at the end of the student's second year. However, more and more organisations are now offering internship opportunities at the end of the first year.

These placements typically last between 9–12 months, and provide an excellent opportunity for you to embed a student in to your organisation and contribute to its development.

Anecdotally, many of the employers offering a professional placement year believe recruiting candidates who have proven their abilities during a work placement to be a more reliable way of retaining talented graduates.

It could not be easier to find the right graduate for your organisation from a school that prides itself on developing the highest calibre of work-ready business graduates.

The Cardiff University Jobs Board is a free service dedicated to student and graduate recruitment, allowing small and large organisations globally to post opportunities and manage applications in an efficient and cost effective way.

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