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Cardiff University Bitcoin Database (CUBiD)

CUBiD provides different layers of raw and post-processed data. Our team offers in-house advice and tailor-made solutions to facilitate your data analysis requirements.

About CUBiD

CUBiD is the first platform of its kind to allow users to access structured Bitcoin network data without advanced IT skills. CUBiD was developed and created in 2020 by Dr Hossein Jahanshahloo, a Lecturer in Finance at Cardiff Business School, to enable easy access to the wealth of Bitcoin network data in a usable and structured format.

Whilst publicly available, Bitcoin network data is largely underutilised. This is due to complexities associated with structuring the raw Bitcoin data to a structured one. The issues occur at various stages of data organising from collection and cleaning to checking and validation.

In doing so, CUBiD makes Bitcoin network data accessible to everyone.

Who can use it?

CUBiD can be used for teaching and research purposes by academics, regulators, and practitioners. Applications include, but are not limited to:

  • anti-money laundering
  • accounting
  • asset pricing
  • chain analysis
  • tax evasion
  • cryptocurrency design
  • transaction processing systems
  • economic theories of cryptocurrencies
  • central bank digital currency
  • cyber security
  • fraud detection
  • algorithm development for regulatory purposes
  • economic dynamics of transactions
  • block creation
  • user network interactions.

CUBiD structure

CUBiD consists of two data layers. The first layer (Layer 1) contains the core Bitcoin network data and includes three tables: Block Header, Transactions, and Transaction Details.

To further assist you and to reduce computation time and requirements, CUBiD offers the second layer (Layer 2) data. At the click of a button CUBiD provides further in-depth analysis on blocks, transactions, addresses, and wallet activities.

CUBiD also offers in-house advice and tailor-made solutions.

User manual

CUBiD Users Manual

CUBiD’s User Manual offers detailed information on the tables and variables included.


Get in touch with the CUBiD team for more information and to request free trial access to our platform.

Cardiff University Bitcoin Database


Dr Hossein Jahanshahloo

Dr Hossein Jahanshahloo

Lecturer in Finance

+44 (0)29 2087 0768