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Seminar series

As part of an initiative to enhance our onsite research culture after the changes due to the pandemic, a new school-wide single seminar series will run from October 2022.

The seminars will take place on Tuesdays at 13:10 followed by tea and coffee in C/1.21.

Speakers have been chosen on their ability to present to a broad set of biological science students and researchers. To engage audiences and appeal to all, a wider, top level background to the research area will be introduced before published and current research is presented. Dates are displayed per division below.

Preparatory material, where provided, is aimed at Integrated Masters students. Other users may not have access to all links.

28 May 2024
Prof Wendy NobleAstrocyte contributions to clearing tau aggregates in Alzheimer's disease and other tauopathies.C/-1.04NeuroTBC
11 Jun 2024
Dr Bethan Lloyd-LewisDynamic decisions: Mammary epithelial cell fate during development and disease.C/-1.04MolbDr Francesco Masia
18 Jun 2024
Prof Ted TurlingsExploiting the chemical ecology of tritrophic interactions for crop protection.C/-1.04OnEDr Islam Sobhy
25 Jun 2024
Prof Mirela DelibegovicNovel interventions for treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.C/-1.04BiomedProf Ros John