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Alumni Chapters and groups

Our Alumni Chapters and groups are a chance for our alumni to connect, network, develop strong relationships and share opportunities. Our Chapters help represent Cardiff University in the region and support our strategic objectives.

We are currently working with volunteers to establish Alumni Chapters across the globe with a series of launch events in the coming months. Find out more about joining our established Chapters below. If you are interested in helping to start one in your area, or if you’re a member of an alumni group you’d like formally recognised as a Chapter, please contact us.

Find an Alumni Chapter

Search for Cardiff中国校友会 on WeChat to follow the Chapters.

Search for Cardiff中国校友会 on WeChat to follow the Chapters.

Details coming soon

Please contact us if you would like to help set up this Chapter.

Please contact us if you would like to help set up this Chapter.

Please contact us if you would like to help set up this Chapter.

Setting up an Alumni Chapter

If you’re interested in setting up a new Alumni Chapter in your area, please read the below information. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

  • providing support and guidance through a dedicated alumni office contact
  • listing the group and their leadership on this web page
  • helping with publicity for events/activity – all information should be submitted to the alumni office six weeks prior to the event
  • providing region-specific data to group leaders to inform activity planning, including demographic breakdown of alumni known to be residing in the region
  • providing region-specific plans for university activity, including talks, visits, recruitment visits, as known
  • ensure the group is welcoming and inclusive to all residents, or visiting Cardiff alumni
  • ensure the group members act in the best interests of, and as ambassadors for, Cardiff University
  • be financially self-sustaining – the university will not routinely fund the activities of alumni groups, such as venue and catering charges, for events not organised by the university, so groups will need to consider how they will fund activities, and whether to charge a membership fee and/or sell tickets to events
  • consider local insurance and health and safety requirements when organising events
  • consider local group communication tools e.g. LinkedIn, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.
  • ensure the group’s contact details available on the alumni website are up to date, and any social media platforms listed are regularly monitored
  • ensure group activities are promoted via the alumni networking platform, Cardiff Connected
  • supply registration and attendance data to the alumni office following all events
  • ensure all data is handled in a safe and secure manner, in line with data protection regulation

Join a Facebook group

Thousands of Cardiff University alumni are members of our Facebook groups. It’s a great space to swap memories, find old friends and share your news.

When you request to join, you’ll be asked some simple questions to verify your identity. We ask that all members respect the group rules.