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We deliver relevant, robust, research that is used by policy-makers across Wales, the UK and further afield to support evidence-based policy making.

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Sustainable place making

Sustainable Places to host international SUSPLACE training programme

16 March 2018

Sustainable Places Research Institute (PLACE) is pleased to host the fifth training programme as part of the Marie Curie ITN project SUSPLACE.

Women at the Women Can Marathon Devon

Women-only marathon a perfect fit

8 March 2018

Researchers found the first women-only marathon to be a perfect ‘fit’ for the modern active woman’s lifestyle.


Genetics: Similar targets, different solutions separate the sheep from the goats

7 March 2018

Sheep and goats share a number of similar genetic targets involved in domestication but exhibit different patterns of selection to achieve similar characteristics, according to a genomic analysis of their wild relatives.

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