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Seminar Series 2008 - 2009

Interactions between Christianity and Islam in Late Antiquity

A series of research seminars presented by Cardiff University’s
Centre for Late Antique Religion and Culture (CLARC) for the year 2008/9
All Seminars will take place in Humanities Building, Room 1.02, at 4.30 - 6.30 pm


Oct 22nd

Daniel King
A Christian Qu’ran? An Assessment of Christoph Luxenberg’s Theory on the Origins of the Qu‘ran


Nov 12th

John Watt
Commentary and Translation in Syriac Aristotelian Scholarship: Sergius to Baghdad


Dec 4th

Josef Lössl
Between Turban and Mitre: Byzantine Theologians in the 14th Century and their Encounter with Islam


Feb 5th

Dirk Krausmuller
Christians and Muslims in 8th Century Gaza: the Hagiographical Evidence


Feb 26th

Saira Malik
The Circulation of Ptolemy's 'Optics' in the Arabic scientific tradition


March 19th

Steven Ring
A verse from Matthew showing the Syriac Gospels in their Historical Context

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