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Dr James Siemens 

My interests are principally centred on theology in late antiquity and the early middle ages (c. 500-c. 800), and more particularly the various christological questions that present over the course of the period. Having examined the christology of Theodore of Tarsus (602-690) as expressed in a text entitled Laterculus Malalianus for my Ph.D., my attention since has been directed toward the numerous questions that appeared as tributaries to my main subject.

Current work considers the understanding of time represented by late antique historiographical forms such as chronicles, motifs like the sex aetates mundi, and the idea of a ‘paradisical day’ representing the ultimate end of humankind. I am also

Intentions for the future include publishing my current findings on correspondence between aspects of Bede’s exegetical writing and the Laterculus Malalianus, and examining the conclusions of the Lateran Council of 649 for their christological synthesis. Meanwhile, the appropriation of Greek Patristic thought under Charlemagne represents another subject that suggests interesting possibilities for research.