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Wow winner goes futuristic

6 March 2013

An Archaeology finalist is one of 25 lucky young people to take part in the 2013 Women of the World (WOW) Festival in London on Saturday 9th March in a partnership between Cardiff University and the Southbank Centre.

Emma Stephens, studying at Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion, reveals more about her entry:
"Digital Compliance" is a television drama script set ten years in the future. In the story the human race have become reliant on microchips in their heads that connect to the internet. No one actually speaks to each other anymore, they live their daily lives through 'The Tube' - a futuristic device that's a cross between a Nintendo Wii and an IMAX cinema. The story follows the struggles of a young girl who is desperate for freedom. She meets a number of people who help her to freedom, but when she gets there, all is not what it seems.

The idea: To share stories of what it means to be 'Living in a World of Digital – Past, Present or Future.'

As their prize, the lucky 25 winners travel to London to attend WOW2013 with a group of digital media mentors from Cardiff University and organisations across Wales; contribute to the festival program by sharing their story on the festival's blog; get involved in discussions about 'women and digital technology' and have the opportunity to learn about women's achievements across the world.

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