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The City of Rome - 40 credits (HST040)

An eight-week intensive course, taught at the British School in Rome in April and May each year. The programme of site visits, lectures and seminars is designed to provide the foundation for advanced research on ancient Rome, by equipping students with a detailed knowledge of the archaeological remains of Rome and its environs, of the development of Rome and its function as an imperial capital, and of the literature available for the study of the city. Students examine selected monuments in terms of their structural history, their architectural characteristics, their place in the development of the urban plan, their social, economic or religious function, and their subsequent use and influence. In the process they will learn how to understand and interpret a complex, multi-layered, archaeological zone, and how the conduct of archaeological investigation in Rome has shaped our knowledge of it. The course concludes with a discussion of the relation of the city to its suburbium, including Ostia and the Port of Rome.

Further information on the BSR website.

Acceptance onto the course is competitive. Course fees are paid out of the MA tuition fee, but students will have to cover the cost of travel to Rome and their accommodation and living costs whilst there. Students taking this course are expected to know some Italian.