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Ms Christie Majoros 

  • Overview
Position:PhD History / Welsh History

Academic History

BA History, California State University, Long Beach, 2009
MA History, California State University Long Beach, 2012

PhD Research

Working Title: The function of hospitaller houses in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales


The specific goal of this project is to determine what kind of function the houses of the Hospitallers in the British Isles performed, or were intended to perform. Since it is
clear that not all Hospitaller houses were built or acquiredfor a hospitable or charitable purpose, they must have been maintained by the Order for other reasons. I plan to
investigate individual houses in an effort to determine what these other reasons were. Specifically, I will be looking for evidence of usefulness in one of four ways:
martial, charitable, religious, or economic. The degree to which these houses were actually successful in fulfilling the function expected of them would be of secondary
importance, entering into the discussion only where relevant to the determination of function. The project’s purpose is instead to create a comprehensive study that
can be used as a tool for further research, allowing larger arguments to be made regarding both the activities and administrative practices of the Hospitaller Order in the
British Isles, and how these practices figured into regional and international needs both within and outside of the Order.


First supervisor: Professor Helen Nicholson

Second Supervisor: Professor Peter Edbury

Started: October 2012

Additional Information 


“Christian Spiritual Geography in the Crusading Period”Medieval and Renaissance Students’ Association Graduate Conference, California State University Long Beach — October 24, 2009

“Practical Appropriation: Recycling Sacred Space in the Holy City of Jerusalem during the Crusading Period” Medieval and Renaissance Students’ Association Graduate Conference, California State University Long Beach — April 2, 2011

Roundtable Contribution: “Figural Problematization: Rethinking the Illustrations of MS I.33”Medieval and Renaissance Students’ Association Graduate Conference, California State University Long Beach — April 2, 2011

“The Function of Hospitaller Houses in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales” — International Conference on Medieval Studies: Kalamazoo, Michigan — May 12 2013

“The Hospitallers of the British Isles: The Identification of Property and its Implications for the Study of the Function of the Order at the County and Parish Levels”The Military Orders: Culture and Conflict, Clerkenwell, London — September 6, 2013