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Dr Laurence Totelin 

Ancient botany: In collaboration with the botanist Gavin Hardy, I am working on an overview book entitled Ancient Botany for Routledge. Rather than presenting the topic in a chronological manner (as is the case of many overviews of the history of botany), we are adopting a thematic approach. Topics covered will include: naming, describing, and depicting plants in antiquity; ancient plants classifications; the life of ancient plants; and botanical discoveries in the ancient world.

Endoxa pharmaka: fame and fortunes of Greek and Roman remedies: Ancient pharmacological recipes may appear to be a very dry topic of research, but they are a mine of information for any ancient historian interested in social or economic history. I have published a book on the earliest recipes preserved in Greek, the recipes of the Hippocratic Corpus (Hippocratic Recipes: Oral and Written Transmission of Pharmacological Knowledge in Fifth- and Fourth-Century Greece, 2009). This study brought together my interests in the history of Greek medicine, social, cultural and economic history, studies of ancient literacy, and gender studies. I am currently working on a book manuscript resulting from my postdoctoral research. It will discuss the strategies adopted by those involved in the Greek and Roman pharmacological ‘business’ (i.e., medical writers, drug sellers, consumers of drugs, etc.) to promote remedies.