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Prof Max Deeg 

Professor Max Deeg
Position:Professor in Buddhist Studies and Chair of the Board of Studies

Telephone:+44 (0)29 208 75479

Research Interests

Prof Deeg is specialising in Buddhist history and the spread of Buddhism from India to Central Asia and East Asia. He has a special interest in Buddhist narratives and their role and function for the construction of historical identities in Buddhist communities. He is also interested in other religions in the wider Asian context (Hinduism, Jainism, Daoism, Manichaeism, Eastern Christianity) and in the history of research and its impact on academic narratives about Asian religions. His latest  monographs to be published will be one on Buddhist foundation myths and a German annotated translation of the Sino-Christian inscription of Xi’an from the 8th century. He is currently working on an new English translation and an extensive commentary of the Xiyu ji, the “Records of the Western Regions”, by the Chinese monk Xuanzang (7th century). Prof. Deeg is member of several academic and editorial boards.




Religion, Culture and Society II (Introduction to Buddhism)

Life of the Buddha

Introductions to Sanskrit and Pali

Buddhist Sanskrit Texts

Mahayana Buddhism (planned for 2013)



I accept PhD students with an interest in a wide range of topics from Buddhist studies with the respective language skills (Sanskrit, Pali, Chinese, Japanese).