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Dr Penny Bickle 

The first farmers of Central Europe: diversity in LBK lifeways

This AHRC-funded project (grant number AH/F018126/1) aims to investigate diversity in the lifeways of the early European Neolithic LBK culture (Linearbandkeramik culture, c. 5500-4900 cal BC) using a combination of stable isotope, osteological and archaeological analyses.

PhD Research

Thesis title: The life and death of the longhouse: daily life during and after the early Neolithic in the river valleys of the Paris Basin.

My Ph.D. dissertation was focused on early Neolithic architecture from the Paris Basin.  This period is characterised by the transition from hunting and gathering, a way of life that had persisted for millennia, to the development of farming based subsistence activities within a few centuries.  The thesis argued that while attempts to generalise and model this transition have been useful in setting research agendas in many different regions across Europe, it is only through contextual study of the materials remains that the everyday experiences of the people involved in this transition can be revealed.