Geometry, Algebra, Mathematical Physics and Topology Research Group

Our interests sweep a broad range of topics, from algebra, geometry, topology, including operator algebras, and non-commutative geometry in pure mathematics, to algebraic and conformal quantum field theory and integrable statistical mechanics in mathematical physics.

The main areas of research within the current group are:

Pure mathematics

  • Algebraic Geometry
  • DG categories and derived categories associated to algebraic varieties
  • Operator algebras and non-commutative geometry
  • Subfactors and planar algebras
  • Orbifolds and the McKay correspondence in Algebraic Geometry and Subfactor Theory
  • Categorification problems, Mirror symmetry, Moduli spaces
  • Quiver representations in Algebraic Geometry and Subfactor Theory
  • K-theory - including twisted and equivariant versions
  • Quantum symmetries: subfactors, tensor categories, Hopf algebras, quantum groups;
  • Enumerative Combinatorics.

Mathematical physics

  • Algebraic Quantum Field Theory
  • Conformal Field Theory
  • Statistical Mechanics: classical and quantum, integrable systems.

Head of Group

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Professor David E Evans

Research Professor of Mathematics

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Academic staff

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Dr Andreas Aaserud

Research Associate

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Dr Roger Behrend

Senior Lecturer

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Dr Gandalf Lechner


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Dr Timothy Logvinenko


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Dr David McConnell


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Dr Ulrich Pennig


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Dr Mathew Pugh

Welsh Medium Lecturer

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Dr Simon Wood


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Current events

All seminars are held in Room M2.06 on Thursdays at 15:10 unless otherwise stated. All are welcome.

Programme organiser and contact: Dr Mathew Pugh


5 October 2017

Room M1.02

Gerard Watts (King's)

Conformal Field Theory defects - old and new

I will try to summarise some old and some new work on defects in two dimensional conformal field theory. Defects have played important roles from the Jordan-Wigner transformation onwards, but there are still interesting questions to ask and some hope that they can be answered.


16 October 2017


Rolf Gohm (Aberystwyth)

Star generators of S as a noncommutative exchangeable sequence

Gohm and Koestler developed an interpretation of Thoma's formula for extremal characters of S as a de Finetti type theorem. Here a basic observation is that the so-called star generators form a noncommutative exchangeable sequence. We discuss the method and explore its potential by looking at more general states for which this basic observation still holds.

26 October 2017

Paweł Dłotko (Swansea)

Practical problems, theory and computations: A few simple stories on topology in action

In this talk I will present a few problems in applied science that have been solved using methods from computational topology and in general computational mathematics. Starting from down-to-earth material science, via dynamical systems, ending up in brain research. I will present a feedback loop between theory and algorithms: how those two works together to solve problems, how they get mutual inspiration and why in applied sciences they should not be separated.

2 November 2017

Simon Wassermann (Glasgow)

Free groups and operator algebras

Wednesday 8 November 2017


Maths Colloquium

Speaker: Constantin Teleman (Oxford)

9 November 2017

Alexander Kasprzyk (Nottingham)

To be confirmed

23 November 2017

Ilke Canakci (Newcastle)

To be confirmed

30 November 2017

David Ridout (Melbourne)

To be confirmed

7 December 2017

Kazuya Kawasetsu (Melbourne)

To be confirmed

13-15 December 2017


LMS South Wales & South West Regional Meeting and Workshop on Algebraic Structures and Quantum Physics

Speakers include: Shahn Majid (Queen Mary), Ingo Runkel (Hamburg), Chris Fewster (York), Veronique Fisher (Bath), Christian Korff (Glasgow), Pieter Naaijkens (Aachen), Ulrich Pennig (Cardiff), Ko Sanders (Dublin), Anne Taormina (Durham), Michael Tuite (Galway)

8 February 2018

Dario Beraldo (Oxford)

To be confirmed

Programme organiser and contact: Dr Mathew Pugh

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