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Research Unit for Nystagmus (R.U.N.)




Nystagmus is a constant involuntary movement of the eyes. The fact that the eyes are constantly moving can have a deleterious effect on vision. The field of research into nystagmus is still relatively new in comparison to other areas of investigation in optometry and ophthalmology, and as a result there are still many problems yet to be investigated.

RUN was established in 2000 by Dr. Jon Erichsen and his colleagues with the aim of improving knowledge of nystagmus and its effects on vision and visual function.  The research unit is primarily concerned with investigating visual performance in people with nystagmus, and how environmental factors affect the movements of the eyes and their vision.

R.U.N. has a cohort of extremely supportive subjects with nystagmus who take part in our investigations and to whom we are very grateful.

In recent years, R.U.N. has made a number of discoveries dispelling anecdotal theories and identifying key factors in visual problems experienced by people who suffer with nystagmus. This has led to a publication in the high impact optical journal, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science (IOVS).


Members of the RUN

Dr. Jon Erichsen
Dr. Margaret Woodhouse
Dr. Tom Margrain
Dr. Fergal Ennis



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Open Day for the Research Unit for Nystagmus (RUN)

Research Unit for Nystagmus (RUN) first Open Day to pay tribute to and thank those who have volunteered, and to introduce those who were not volunteers to what we do in an informal environment.