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The Contact Lens and Anterior Eye Research Unit (CLAER) was established within the Clinical Investigation and Vision Sciences Research Group in September 2001, and continues to expand.

The focus of the unit is principally on clinically-related research in corneal function, tear-film physiology and contact lenses. A better knowledge of the interaction between the cornea and the tear-film is vital in understanding the aetiology and treatment of dry-eye, and for successful contact lens wear. Emerging techniques in biochemistry now permit the examination of the tear film for inflammatory markers and electrolyte concentration: one of the core aims of the unit is to attempt to connect the biological and clinical findings in ocular and systemic abnormalities. The unit is also interested in investigating the role of patient anxiety and communication upon patient outcomes, such as compliance, within contact lens practice.

We have formed collaborative links nationally and internationally, with both academic institutions and industry, and regularly present our results at conferences world-wide.


Current collaborative partners include:

University of Bristol

Glasgow Caledonian University

Chemedica Switzerland

Children’s Hospital for Wales, Cardiff

Schepen's Eye Institute, Boston, USA

Fachhochschule Köln

Fielmann Akademie, Plön, Germany

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Olten, Switzerland

CooperVision UK

Menicon, Japan

Mentholatum, UK

SEED, Japan

Plymouth University

Bangor University