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PhD Student Projects

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Our current PhD students’ research projects:


Name of Student Title  
AKHBANBETOVA, AlinaSelective rho kinase inhibitors for the treatment of corneal endothelial disease
ALJARUDI, SalehNovel aspects in the assessment of abnormal visual function
ALSHAGHROUD, KholoudDynamic noise perimetry in the normal and abnormal eye
BANDLITZ, STEFANStudies on the tear meniscus
BARNES, JOHNMagnetoreception in homing pigeons
BEIRNE KathyLight therapy for mitochondrial optic neuropathy
BINLEY, KateRetinal stem cell therapy for retinal degeneration
CALLAGHAN, TamsinFunctional biomarkers of hypoxia in early age-related macular degeneration
CAMPBELL, StephanieThe cornea in Down's syndrome
CASSELS, NicolaQuality of life and clinical outcomes in age-related macular degeneration
CHANDRINOS, ARISTIDISFunctional progression in glaucoma
COLTON, BelindaModelling the potential outcome of macular function in age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) following treatment with Lucentis (ranibizumab) injection
DUNN, MatthewQuantifying Perception and Oculomotor Instability in Infantile Nystagmus
FLYNN, BethanyThe use of OCT to identify optic nerve head pathophysiology in glaucoma
GARDNER, StevenBiophysical studies of corneal transparency
JONES ChristopherDevelopment and evaluation of an imaging retinal densitometer
JE, ShindyMeasures of retinal sensitivity over time in eye disease
LITTLECHILD, StacyUnderstanding cell and matrix architectures in bioengineered corneal constructs in three dimensions
MALISSOVA, EleniEvaluation of digital stereo-flicker chronoscopy as a measure for the early identification of deterioration in the appearance of the optic nerve head
McKEAGUE, ClaireEffect of light on hypoxia and disease progression in age-related macular degeneration
McILREAVY, LeeModels of oculomotor control as a means of understanding oscillopsia
MORGAN, SianExtracellular matrix changes in corneal ageing and disease
MORNY, EnyamUsing electrophysiology to explore retinal function in inherited optic neuropathy
MUKHOPADHYAY, DitipriyaThe effect of peripheral corneal thickness on the accuracy of applanation tonometry
NG, Wai SieneStem cell mediated retinal repair: models and mechanisms
NISHIMURA, SachikoThermal imaging of the anterior eye during contact lens wear
NOSCH, Daniela (P/T)Corneal sensation in contact lens wear
OKASHAH, Areej Ahmad YousefConcurrent losses in sight and hearing
PHILLIPS, CamillaIncreasing the biomechanical strength of LASIK-treated corneas
ROBINSON, David GrantA potential new treatment for the condition of age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
ROUNTREE, LindsayFunctional mapping of biological changes in the retina in glaucoma
TERRY, LouiseAn in vivo investigation of choroidal vasculature in age-related macular degeneration
TRIBBLE, JamesRetinal plasticity in experimental glaucoma
VAN TILBORG, Mirjam (P/T)The status of dry eye treatment in the Netherlands
VINUELLA NAVARRO, ValldeflorsThe assessment of tracking difficulties in children
WATERS, CarolineNovel mitochondrial therapy in mouse models of dominant optic atrophy
WHITE, Tomas3D structural studies of normal and pathological corneas