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Investigator(s) Sponsor Title Start Date End Date Amount £
Dr J Albon
College of OptometristsThe use of 1050nm OCT to identify changes of optic nerve head pathophysiology in Glaucoma01/10/201130/09/201418,126
 College of OptometristsEffect of light on hypoxia and
disease progression in age-related macular degeneration
Dr T Redmond (OPTOM),

Prof J Morgan (OPTOM)
College of OptometristsFunctional mapping of biological changes in the retina in glaucoma01/01/201431/12/201655,878
Dr T Redmond (OPTOM)College of OptometristsThe mint or the hole: Where do optometrists really look when assessing the optic disc?01/07/201311/08/20132,000
Dr T Redmond (OPTOM)College of OptometristsIs this real improvement, or is this just fantasy? An investigation into visual recovery in glaucoma12/08/201311/08/201627,494
Dr J Acton (OPTOM)Fight for SightEvaluation of the macular integrity assessment microperimeter01/01/201431/12/201415,000
Dr J Erichsen (OPTOM),
Prof T Freeman (PSYCH)
Fight for SightUnderstanding the basis for oscillopsia in nystagmus to provide a basis for treatment01/11/201331/12/201412,915
Prof M Votruba (OPTOM)European Association for Vision and Eye Research FoundationBiomarkers in mitochondrial optic neuropathy17/02/201416/08/201411,765
Dr J Erichsen (OPTOM)Nystagmus NetworkAutomating the analysis of infantile nystagmus waveforms01/10/201331/10/20131,500
Dr T Margrain (OPTOM)National Institute for Health ResearchMultispectral imaging retinal densitometer01/11/201331/10/2016176,162
Prof K Meek (OPTOM)Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research CouncilDeveloping a novel hard contract lens based on biomimetic principal from the ostracod carapace window25/11/201324/02/20146,000
Prof A Quantock (OPTOM),

Prof D Blake (MEDIC)
HEFCW, Welsh GovernmentSelective rho kinase inhibitors for the treatment of corneal endothelial disease01/01/201431/12/201640,000
Prof R North (OPTOM)Welsh Government (NISCHR)Prevalence of ocular pathologies in patients with diabetes mellitus and their impact upon vision01/02/201430/09/201416,620