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Research Project Funding 2004-2005

   The first three letters of the alphabet
InvestigatorsSponsorAmountTitleStart DateEnd Date
Dr S AkhtarRoyal Society £500EVER-200424-Sep-0423-Oct-04
Dr J Albon, Dr MA Wride, Prof ME BoultonNational Eye Research Centre £47,115Identification of candidate genes critical to epithelial cell patterning and differentiation during corneal development01-Oct-0530-Sep-08
Prof ME BoultonHigher Education Funding Council for Wales ########CITER01-Jul-0431-Mar-06
Prof ME Boulton, Dr MB RozanowskaAdvanced Medical Optics £26,823The photoprotective efficiency of different IOLs01-Dec-0430-Jun-05
Dr JT ErichsenThe Wellcome Trust £1,320The consequences of eye position for nystagumus20-Jun-0519-Aug-05
Dr JT Erichsen (with PSYCH)Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council £4,950Inter and intra hemispheric processing of structural information01-Oct-0431-Jul-05
Dr JT Erichsen (with PSYCH)The Leverhulme Trust £10,368Visual and spatial memory01-Oct-0401-Feb-05
Dr JA GuggenheimThe College of Optometrists £27,310Vision sciences01-Oct-0201-Oct-05
Dr JA Guggenheim, Dr JT ErichsenBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council £145,906Mapping QTL for ocular component dimensions01-Oct-0530-Sep-08
Dr P MurphyAnonymous Benefactor £19,500Optometry study01-Apr-0531-Dec-05
Dr AJ QuantockSasakawa Foundation of Great Britain £1,500A scientific exchange with Osaka University to investigate a new application of electron microscopy01-Jul-0530-Jun-06
Dr AJ QuantockThe Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation £10,000Corneal cell and matrix biology and new approaches to the restoration of corneal transparency and vision after injury disease01-Sep-0401-Sep-05
Dr AJ Quantock, Prof TJ Wess, Prof KMA MeekBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council £30,000Structural hierarchies in fibrous biopolymers01-Mar-0528-Feb-09
Dr MB Rozanowska, Prof ME BoultonNational Eye Research Centre £44,900Is the visual pigment responsible for age-related macular degeneration01-Oct-0530-Sep-08
Dr M VotrubaThe Wellcome Trust £1,320Mutation screening in patients with inherited optic neuropathy01-Jul-0531-Aug-05
Prof TJ WessCommission of European Communities £89,293Mechanisms of ageing in extracellular matrices (AGEING)01-Sep-0331-Dec-04
Dr JM WoodhouseThe Wellcome Trust £990The development of an adult-appropriate preferential looking test20-Jun-0531-Jul-05
Dr C BooteRoyal Society £755Spatial mapping of collagen fibril organisation in primate cornea01-Feb-0401-Aug-04
Prof ME BoultonHigher Education Funding Council for Wales ########CITER01-Jul-0431-Mar-06
Prof ME Boulton, Dr P MurphyTRB Chemedica International £27,440Efficacy and safety of vismed gel and vismed light after single installation in patients with moderate dry eye syndrome01-Apr-0401-Apr-05
Dr JA Guggenheim (with MEDIC)The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust £9,840A study of familia high myopia01-Jan-0431-Dec-04
Dr TH MargrainBausch & Lomb UK Ltd £18,653Reducing contact lens related patient anxiety08-Mar-0408-Mar-07
Dr J Morgan, Dr J Albon, Prof ME Boulton, Dr JT ErichsenNational Eye Research Centre £29,777The role of microglial activation in retinal ganglion cell death in glaucoma01-Oct-0401-Oct-05
Dr RV North, Dr J Morgan, Prof J WildWelsh Assembly Government £31,750The detection of Glaucoma in adults with Down's syndrome01-Apr-0401-Apr-05
Dr AJ Quantock (with BIOSI)Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council £103,541Developmental dynamics, cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions in the avian corneal stroma########31-Jul-07
Prof JM RovamoProf J Rovamo £13,038Human vision research01-Jul-0301-Jul-08
Dr MB RozanowskaRoyal Society £985Biochemistry, molecular structural studies, molecular cell biology08-Jun-0407-Jul-04
Dr MB Rozanowska, Prof ME BoultonNational Eye Research Centre £49,920Peroxidized docosahexaenoic acid causes RPE dysfunction: Implications for retinal ageing and AMD01-Oct-0430-Sep-07
Prof TJ WessCouncil for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils £150Fibrillin molecular organisation; changes with mechanical stress23-Apr-04########
Prof TJ WessUniversity of Mainz £350Investigation of bone structure01-Sep-0301-Sep-05
Prof TJ WessQuantum Fund £2,639Biodermis01-Jan-0401-Jan-05
Prof TJ WessNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization £3,269Photochemical stability of collagen/chitosan assemblies01-Jan-0401-Jun-04
Prof TJ WessNational Archives of Scotland £6,000Techniques of parchment analysis01-Oct-0330-Sep-04
Prof TJ WessBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council £22,430Collagen fibrillar structure-molecular packing order and disorder in a molecular assembly07-Nov-03########
Prof TJ WessBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council £70,044Molecular organisation and elasticity of fribrillin-rich tissues under physiological conditions07-Nov-0306-Dec-04
Prof TJ WessCommission of European Communities £71,940Mechanisms of ageing in extracellular matrices (AGEING)01-Sep-0331-Dec-04
Prof TJ WessBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council £107,555Ceullulose nanostructure in the cell walls of food crops01-Sep-0431-Aug-06
Prof TJ WessCommission of European Communities £122,011Improved damage assessments of parchments (IDAP)01-Sep-0331-Aug-05
Dr MA WrideRoyal Society £1,380Developmental biology, genetics, immunology and microbiology20-Aug-0408-Sep-04
Total Funding  £1,693,467