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UCAN collaborated with School to set up Maggie’s Club

2 July 2012

6th Form DayMaggies Club 2

UCAN, (the arts production company for children and young people with visual impairment) has collaborated with our School to set up a new venture. It’s called Maggie’s Club, because it’s open to children and young people (7-17 years) with special needs who are patients of Maggie’s Special Assessment Clinic.

6th Form Day

The first meeting of Maggie’s Club took place on June 23rd, and was declared by all to be a great success!

The children and young people joined in activities such as drumming, sound recording, theatre skills and circus skills. A great deal of hidden talent came to the fore, and we even managed to stage a short production on a ‘jungle’ theme at the end of the session.

Congratulations to the UCAN trainers and volunteers who did such a great job. Now we are all looking forward to the next meeting!

For more info see here

Maggies Club 2