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Equipment you need

Part of being a good optometrist is having the right “tools of the trade”.  This means that you will need to purchase some clinical equipment to enable you complete your studies.  You will be able to use much of the equipment that you buy as a student for many years after you graduate.

You must make sure that you have the required equipment prior to the start of the academic year (unless otherwise indicated), as you will need to bring them to your clinics and practicals.  For 1st years, this may only be once or twice a week, but the number of clinics increases as you progress through the course. 

From academic year 2012/13 the School will be purchasing all the equipment on behalf of students in recognition of the higher fees which you will be paying to attend University

1st year

Starter Kit*
Two white coats; one short and one long
Trial Frame, required by week 6 of semester 1.

*The Starter Kit contains: Cross-cyls (±0.25 and ±0.50), Binocular Sphere Twirls (±0.25/±0.50/±1.00), Pen Torch, Tape Measure, Budgie Stick, Black Opaque, Occluder, Frosted Occluder, City Rule, Microfibre Lens Cloth and a Confrontation Perimetry Target.

The Starter Kit and white coats are available for purchase in the School during Fresher’s Week each year.
You will need to order the Trial Frame separately.  You will receive more information to help you choose an appropriate trial frame at the beginning of your first term.


2nd year

Direct Ophthalmoscope
Streak Retinoscope


3rd year

Volk Lens

General – clinic dress code

You are required to dress in a professional manner for all clinics.  This is typically a collared shirt and tie for men and neat, modest attire for women.  Jeans, trainers and revealing clothing are not permitted. 

Remember to set aside a little money to purchase clinic clothing.

Links to equipment suppliers

Louis Stone Optical: