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Dr Jacek Pijanka  

Courtesy of Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust
Position:Research Associate

Telephone:+44(0)29 208 76356
Location:Room 3.17 Maindy Road

Research Overview

My research focuses on the role of sclera in glaucoma, in particular on the collagen microarchitecture of the posterior sclera, and its effect on the resulting biomechanical response of the tissue to the intraocular pressure (IOP).
Using a combination of high intensity x-ray and microscopy imaging methods we aim to determine the collagen fibre arrangement in normal and glaucomatous human sclera. Our results provide detailed, quantitative information of collagen network in the posterior part of the sclera that is used to build computer models of scleral response to the IOP. Ultimately, this research may explain whether scleral properties are altered by the disease process or whether the underlying structural and behavioural properties of the sclera make person susceptible to glaucoma, an initial step towards developing scleral-targeted therapies for the disease.