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Research Profile

Prof Neville Drasdo 

Professor Neville Drasdo
Position:Distinguished Research Fellow
School:Optometry and Vision Sciences

Research Interests

My principal interest at present is non invasive electrophysiology and quantitive neurobiology of the parallel pathways of the retina. Clinical applications include studies on isolated S-cone, L and M-cone, rod pathway responses, pattern electroretinography in and visual evoked cortical potentials, in primary open angle glaucoma, ocular hypertension, diabetes and dyslexia.

Our research group has facilities for electro-physiological recording, advanced ocular imaging and perimetry.

I hold a part time research appointment operating as a participant or consultant in many projects with twelve post graduates and two research fellows and cooperate in these studies with Dr Rachel North, Prof John Wild and Dr Tom Margrain in Optometry, Cardiff University and with James E Morgan Consultant in Ophthalmology, University of Wales College of Medicine.

Additional Information

Funding: Wales Office of Research and Development for Health and Social Care, College of Optometrists, Leverhulme Trust.