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Dr Tony Redmond 

Tony Redmond
Position:Lecturer, Deputy Director of Postgraduate Research

Telephone:+44 (0)29 20870564
Fax:+44 (0)29 2087 4859
Location:Room 3.01, Maindy Road

Research Overview

I am interested in many branches of research relating to the eye, but my main interests lie in the measurement of vision. I am particularly interested in improving clinical vision tests (e.g. tests of the visual field and visual acuity, so that subtle changes in vision, at all stages of eye disease and in response to treatment, can be detected early and with a high level of confidence.


Teaching Overview

I am leader of the Physiology of Vision module, which is currently taught to both 1st and 2nd year students. In this module, I teach students (through lectures and practical classes) about how the structure of the retina and other parts of the visual system allow us to see and perceive different features in our visual world. Questions addressed in this module include a) How do we see colours? b) How do we adapt to see in a dark room after being out in the sun? c) What is the explanation behind different optical illusions?
I supervise final year students in their research projects and in the Cardiff University Eye Clinic, while they perform full sight tests on members of the public.
I am also periodically involved in delivering lectures, tutorials and examining for the Wales Optometry Postgraduate Education Centre (WOPEC).

OP1207 (1st year)

Physiology of Vision

Module Leader

OP3101 (3rd year)

Optometric Practice


OP3107 (3rd year)

Research Project

Research Project Supervisor