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Prof Rachel North 

Current Postgraduate Students 

2015 PhDBeth Flynn, The use of 1050nm OCT to identify changes of optic nerve head pathophysiology in glaucoma, College of Optometrists, 2011-2014.
2015 PhDAreej Okashah, Portable Electronic Low Vision Aids for people with visual impairment.
2014 PhDRachel Hiscox, The retina in Cystic Fibrosis.
2014 PhD  Alison Ng, The effects of cosmetics on the ocular surface and tear film.
2014 PhDDitipriya Mukhopadhyay, The effect of peripheral corneal thickness on the accuracy of applanation tonometry.
2014 PhD  Rebecca Thomas, Optimal time to next screen for diabetic retinopathy in screen negative persons with diabetes.


Past Postgraduate Student

2013 MPhilStephen John “Comparison of two different methods of stereoscopic viewing and the effect of teaching on the assessment of the cup to disc ratio for glaucoma detection”
2012 PhDWalter Gutstein, “Measurement of Vision under conditions of contrast and luminance simulating those of real environments”
2012 PhDSamuel Heinz Dremmel, “Diagnostic aspects of structure and function in primary open angle glaucoma”
2012 PhDMizhanim Mohamad Shahimin, “Development and validation of a digital quantitative orthoptics workstation”.
2010 PhDSaud Alanazi, “Investigation of the clinical factors affecting heterophoria & fixation disparity measurements”.
2010 PhDMana Alanazi, “Studies of visual function and the effect of visual fatigue in adults with dyslexia”
2009 PhDKatharine Evans, “Cystic Fibrosis and the eye”.
2007 PhDJennifer Cumiskey, “Electrophysiological studies of retinal function at low light levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus
2004 MPhilSarvenaz Malihi , “Investigation of retinal function in diabetes mellitus”
2004 PhDDominique Arlotte, “Investigation of Oscillatory Potentials in patients with diabetes mellitus”.
2004 PhDAdrian Jones, “Investigation of primary open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension by electrophysiological and digital imaging techniques”.
2003 PhDNik Sheen, “ Evaluation of digital retinal imaging in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma”.
2002 PhDRhianon Perrott , “The significance of pulsatile ocular blood flow in the management of diabetic retinopathy”.
2001 PhDZohreh Chiti,  “Electrophysiological investigation into the effect of oxygen inhalation on retinal function in Type II Diabetes Mellitus”.
2001 PhDKatie Mortlock (Jenkins), “Neurophysiological examination of retinal function in patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus”.
1999  PhDZeki Ali, “The influence of the management of diabetes mellitus and its management upon visual functions”
1997 MPhilUna Whitcombe, “Clinical evaluation of ocular and visual functions of young patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus”
1995 MPhilDenise Banford, “Longitudinal study of visual functions in children with Type 1 diabetes mellitus.
1988 MPhilBeth Kelly   “Atropine occlusion in the treatment of strabismic amblyopia”