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Research Groups

Reseach Groups within the School of Mathematics are as follows:

Analysis and Differential Equations

Cardiff has one of the largest research groups in spectral theory of differential operators in the world. Our work on spectral theory informs and uses the results of vigorous activity in closely related areas such as function spaces, integral operators and geometry. 

Applied and Computational Mathematics

The major interest in the group is in theoretical and computational fluid mechanics. However, members of the group also undertake research in numerical analysis, the electrical discharge in gases, inverse problems and applied analysis.

Mathematical Physics

In line with much of modern mathematics, this group is a blend of pure mathematicians and theoretical physicists.

Number Theory

Current research in analytic number theory can be grouped under various themes. As usual in number theory, the themes interact with one another and with other areas of mathematics.

Operational Research

The group is very active in applied research, postgraduate supervision, and consultancy/contract work, but has also made significant contributions to theoretical aspects of the subject area. 


The group is very active both in applications of statistical techniques and in theory.