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Analysis and Differential Equations

Cardiff has one of the largest research groups in spectral theory of differential operators in the world. Our work on spectral theory informs and uses the results of vigorous activity in closely related areas such as function spaces, integral operators and geometry. Our overall strength across analysis creates a vibrant environment, attractive to visitors and to top-calibre new appointees alike, in which collaborative research, both inside and outside Cardiff, thrives. We work closely with the research groups at, among others, Birmingham (Alabama), Karlsruhe, Moscow State, Weizmann Institute, St. Petersburg, Bern, Santiago, Pisa, Montréal, McGill, Toulon and Marseilles.

We organize regular workshops and conferences, to the benefit of the
worldwide analysis community. Examples include:

Key Research Areas

The main directions of research in the Analysis and Differential Equations Group include:

Postgraduate Students

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