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Applied Mathematics Seminars


These seminars take place on Tuesdays, in Room M/2.06, Senghennydd Road, Cardiff from 3pm, unless otherwise stated.

When a seminar is not scheduled there is a collaborative workshop with other groups within the College of Physical Sciences & Engineering or a SIAM Chapter Meeting. Further details can be found on the School Diary.

For more information or if you wish to give a talk, please contact the programme organiser Dr Angela Mihai.

7 October 2014

Speaker: Daniel Lesnic (University of Leeds).

Title: Determination of a force function in the wave equation.

Abstract: The determination of an unknown space- or time-dependent force function acting on a vibrating structure from boundary, interior or integral observations are investigated. Sufficient conditions for the uniqueness of solution are provided. These linear inverse force problems are ill-posed since small errors in the input data cause large errors in the output force solution. Consequently, when the input data is contaminated with noise, we use regularization methods, e.g. Tikhonov's regularization, or conjugate gradient method, in order to obtain a stable solution. Numerical results will be presented and discussed.

14 October 2014

Speaker: Timo Betcke (University College London).

Title: A spectral view on convolution quadrature methods for the wave equation.

Abstract: TBC.

25 November 2014

Speaker: Xuesong Wu (Imperial College London).

Title: TBC.

Abstract: TBC.

Co-Host: Dr. Chris Davies

2 December 2014

Speaker: Matthias Hell (University of Manchester).

Title: Wrinkly fingers: fluid-structure interaction in elastic-walled Hele-Shaw cells.

Abstract: TBC.

Co-Host: Dr. Chris Davies