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Widening Access

Siân Tattersall

sian-tattersall3rd Year English Literature and Cultural Criticism

About me

I’m the Vice President of Broadway Dance Society and love organising events and teaching tap dance.  To relax I enjoy going to the theatre and watching all different types of films.  As well as abstract ‘artsy’ films, I like crimes, comedies, romances, chick flicks, period dramas, psychological films and, my absolute favourite: DISNEY CLASSICS!!

Where I tutor

I tutor at a Cantonian High School on the other side of Bute Park and it is certainly a new experience for me!  I have experience of working with children between the ages of 7 and 11 but had never worked with secondary school children prior to working for the Student Tutor Project.  It has been a great experience and the teachers are so supportive.

My  favourite memory from the Student Tutor Project

I work with a small group of children at a time, most of which struggle academically, and there was this one girl in Year 11 and needed to work on Shakespeare. At the beginning of the lesson she didn’t understand at all what was happening in this particular monologue and by the end, she claimed that she understood and told me that I was an ‘amazing teacher, Miss!’. It absolutely made my day.

What I’ve gained from the project

I’ve gained a lot of confidence when it comes to working with secondary school aged children and working in an environment that is so different to anywhere I’ve been before.  It is so rewarding and satisfying when you have a particular class who come in not understanding, and leave an hour later preparing to write their coursework with a new perspective on the subject.