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John Greeves

John GreevesJohn Greeves is a poet, short story and feature writer. He was born in Louth in Lincolnshire and later obtained a Masters degree at Cardiff University.

John worked at Sussex University in a teaching laboratory before coming to Wales in 1971. He has thirty years experience at various levels of education in Wales. He is a member of Academi and has been a creative writing tutor for Continuing & Professional Education for the last five years. He has written web stories and run workshops for BBC Wales.

The BBC produced one of John’s Capture Wales stories called ‘Ties’, which appeared as a segment feature broadcast programme. Other stories accepted for publication include ChapmanNew FictionInternational Fern Publications and Cambrensis. He has also had articles published in Country QuestQuestion Magazine and Country Origins.

He is a well-known poet and has had work published in (among others) Dream CatcherSeamIotaFireAnglo-Welsh Poetry Society, and Poetry Scotland. His selected collections include Unlocked(Palores Publications, 2005) and Almost a Doppelganger (Palores Publications, 2006).

Recently John published “Cuba Libre: From Revolution to Hip-Hop Rock” a collection of poems, which takes the reader on a journey through Cuba from the revolution to hip-hop rock. The poems encompass all the iconic images of the island and reveal the lasting beauty of the ‘land of miracles’.

John has taught for Continuing & Professional Education for the past six years. John believes in the power of poetry to change people’s lives, but feels it is important to make poetry accessible in a language which moves and connects to the modern world.

John believes everyone has a story to tell, and that it’s very important in the process of writing to encourage others in a supportive and positive way.