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Race, Representation and Cultural Politics

Recent Events include:

  • British Chinese Research Workshop
  • The Ecstasy of Community and the Foreclosure of the Political Field by Dr Margret Grebowicz
  • One Dimensional Woman by Dr Nina Power 
    (Roehampton University)
  • Cultural Translation Conference
    (Including Mieke Bal keynote Podcast)

About the group

This research group explores the representation of diversity, race and identity in a wide range of globalised local contexts. We draw on anthropology, sociology and cultural studies and, in a number of our projects, develop interdisciplinary approaches to discourse analysis, to explore the following kinds of questions.

  • How do cultural practices, politics and economics play out around contemporary social issues (e.g. immigration, ethnic or religious identity and racism)?
  • How do media representations contribute to social and community tensions (e.g. around asylum, security or Islamaphobia)?
  • How do current industry and professional practices influence such representations?
  • What role could the media and other forms of cultural representation and practice have in promoting social justice or social change?

One focus of these questions is the discursive practices in each domain which actively construct social identities, social relations and systems of knowledge and belief.

There is an urgent need for research which explores the dynamics of the discourses of inequality enabling constructive interventions into policy and community contexts based on sound research and strategic partnerships. We have made a number of contributions to policy around these issues.

Funded Research

Major funded research project topics include asylum seekers, refugees and the Welsh media. Funding bodies include the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Oxfam and the BBC.

Links with other research groups

Many of our research projects involve interdisciplinary collaborations with other Schools at Cardiff and members of the group also contribute to research within JOMEC focusing on ‘Mediatized conflict’, ‘Journalism studies research’ and ‘Risk, Science, Health and the Media’.

International collaboration

We also have strong links with colleagues both nationally and internationally and the School attracts Visiting Fellows from all over the world.