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The UK 'Quality' Press, Broadsheet Journalism and Public Relations

Grant Holder: Bob Franklin

Researchers: Amy Luther, Sally Reardon, Andrew Williams, and Marc Wiggam

Funded by: Rowntree Foundation and Mediawise

This study of UK domestic news in the quality 'broadsheet' newspapers, as well as television and radio news, employs content analysis, questionnaires and interviews with journalists and public relations professionals, to establish the growing role of the public relations industry in shaping news agendas and content in the quality/broadsheet press.

Output Reports:

The Independence and Quality of UK Journalism (2006) Franklin, B. Lewis, J. Mosdell, N. Thomas, J and Williams, A Cardiff: Cardiff University
The Quality and Independence of British Journalism PDF [406KB]

A Compromised Fourth Estate? UK News Journalism, Public Relations and News Sources Justin Lewis, Andrew Williams, Bob Franklin, in Journalism Studies vol 9 no 2 Feb 2008

Four Rumours and an Explanation; A Political Economic Account of Journalists’ Changing Newsgathering and reporting Practices in Journalism Practice vol 2 no 1 Feb 2008