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Martial Arts Studies

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Issue 5 – June 2014



JOMEC Journal Editorial Statement

Paul Bowman: Editorial: Martial Arts Studies


Kyle Barrowman: No Way as Way: Towards a Poetics of Martial Arts Cinema

Keywords: martial arts l film studies l cultural studies l theory l post-theory l poetics

Esther Berg and Inken Prohl: ‘Become your Best’: On the Construction of Martial Arts as Means of Self-Actualization and Self-Improvement

Keywords: shaolin kung fu l martial arts l Bruce Lee l religious exercise and self-cultivation l digital media l medialization l translocative analysis

Daniele Bolelli: How Gladiatorial Movies and Martial Arts Cinema Influenced the Development
of The Ultimate Fighting Championship

Keywords: ultimate fighting championship (ufc) | mixed martial arts (mma) | martial arts films | gladiatorial films | choreography

Paul Bowman: Instituting Reality in Martial Arts Practice

Keywords: reality martial arts l institution l discipline l pedagogy l keysi fighting method (kfm) l taijiquan

Greg Downey: ‘As Real As It Gets!’ Producing hyperviolence in mixed martial arts

Keywords: ultimate fighting championship (ufc) l mixed martial arts (mma) l hyperviolence l hyperreality l virtualism l reality

Adam D. Frank: Unstructuring Structure and Communicating Secrets inside/outside a Chinese Martial Arts Association

Keywords: Taijiquan l structure l lineage l secrets l martial arts

Leon Hunt: Enter the 2-Disc Platinum Edition: Bruce Lee and Post-DVD Textuality

Keywords: Bruce Lee l dvd textuality l dvd extras l the big boss l game of death

Lynette Hunter and Richard Schubert: Winning, Losing, and Wandering Play: Zhuangzian Paradox and Daoist Practice

Keywords: zhuangzi l martial arts l daoist movement l the undifferentiated l play – non-teleological l performatives

Benjamin Judkins: Inventing Kung Fu

Keywords: kung fu l wushu l Chinese martial arts l definition l globalization l Chinese martial studies l etymology

Gina Marchetti: Does the Karate Kid Have a Kung Fu Dream? Hong Kong Martial Arts between Hollywood and Beijing

Keywords: The Karate Kid l choreography l wu shu l movie fu l real kung fu

Dale C. Spencer: From Many Masters to Many Students: YouTube, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and communities of practice

Keywords: YouTube l Brazilian Jiu Jitsu l communities of practice

Mark Walters: Martial Arts Cinema as Post-Capitalist Cinema: Akira Kurosawa, Johnnie To, and Critical Intertextuality

Keywords: Akira Kurosawa l Johnnie To l neoliberalism l capitalism l judo l humanism

Sixt Wetzler: Myths of the Martial Arts

Keywords: martial arts l belief l myth

Luke White: Lau Kar-leung with Walter Benjamin: Storytelling, Authenticity, Film Performance
and Martial Arts Pedagogy

Keywords: Lau Kar-leung l Walter Benjamin l storytelling l authenticity l film performance l martial arts pedagogy

Douglas Wile: Asian Martial Arts in the Asian Studies Curriculum

Keywords: martial arts l liberal arts l Asian Studies l cultural studies l higher education



Conference Announcement and Call for Papers: Martial Arts Studies Conference
Keywords: martial arts studies conference l 10-12 June 2015

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