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Guest Edited Issue: Image/Protest

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Issue 4 – November 2013



JOMEC Journal Editorial Statement


Section 1: Guest Edited Issue: Image/Protest

Mervi Pantti: Editorial: Image/Protest

Keywords: image l protest l activism l media l journalism l cultural studies

Simon Faulkner: Images and Demonstrations in the Occupied West Bank

Keywords: images l demonstrations l West Bank l images as nomads l image events

Asko Lehmuskallio: Banning Public Nudity: Images of Bodies as Sites of Contested Moral Values

Keywords: visual culture l protest l nudity l iconoclasm l cameras

Melissa Aronczyk: Market(ing) Activism: Lush Cosmetics, Ethical Oil, and the Self-Mediation of Protest

Keywords: marketing l activism l brand l protest l corporate social responsibility

Tina Askanius: Online Video Activism and Political Mash-up Genres

Keywords: video activism l radical film l youtube l COP15 l counter-summits  l European social forum

Rune Saugmann Andersen: Epistemic Authority, Lies, and Video: the Constitution of Knowledge and (in)Security in the Video/Security Nexus

Keywords: epistemic authority l semiotics l media l video l security  l visual governance l visual resistance

Mervi Pantti:Seeing and not Seeing the Syrian crisis: New visibility and the visual framing of the Syrian conflict in seven newspapers and their online editions

Keywords: visual construction of conflict l visual coverage l non-professional images l news sources l visual framing l graphic imagery of death l Syrian conflict


Section 2: Open Issue

John Corner: ‘Criticism’: Notes on the Circulation of Cultural Judgement

Keywords: criticism l sociology of culture l journalism studies l film studies l television studies l critical voice

Ben Cocking: Truth and Travel Writing: Staging Authenticity in Redmond O’Hanlon’s Into the Heart of Borneo (1984) and Congo Journey (1996)

Keywords: travel writing l truth l authenticity l Redmond O’Hanlon l postcolonialism



Issue 5: Martial Arts Studies

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