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Issue 3 – June 2013



JOMEC Journal Editorial Statement

Paul Bowman: Editorial


Section 1: Open issue

Matt Carlson : Journalistic Change in an Online Age: Disaggregating Visibility, Legitimacy, and Revenue

Keywords: journalism l new media l visibility l legitimacy l revenue

David Harte: One Every Two Minutes’: assessing the scale of hyperlocal publishing in the UK

Keywords: hyperlocal l citizen journalism l Ofcom l news l local press l community media

Benita Heiskanen: “Ni Una Más, Not One More: Activist-Artistic Response to the Juárez Femicides”

Keywords: art-activism l Ciudad Juárez l femicide l urban space l U.S.-Mexico border

Darren Kelsey: Myths, Monarchs and Prime Ministers: “Blitz Spirit” Discourses of Royalty and Tony Blair in British Newspaper Responses to the July 7th Bombings

Keywords: critical discourse analysis l myth l terrorism l july 7th l identity l ideology

Scott Rodgers: Circulating cities of difference: assembling geographical imaginations of Toronto’s diversity in the newsroom

Keywords: actor-network theory l circulation l cities l journalism l materiality  l multiculturalism l news form l social practices

Gabrielle Samuel and Jenny Kitzinger: Reporting consciousness in coma: media framing of neuro-scientific research, hope, and the response of families with relatives in vegetative and minimally conscious states

Keywords: fMRI l vegetative l minimally conscious l science l hope  l family l media

John Seed: Made in Like Chelsea

Keywords: Chelsea l reality-tv l neo-liberalism l SW£

Sean Tunney: The UK Press and Corporation Tax: learning lessons from Ireland

Keywords: corporation tax l Irish economy l credit crunch l UK press l business comment l conservative party


Section 2: On the Death of Thatcher

Jeremy Valentine: The Death of Margaret Thatcher and the question of the media event

Keywords: Thatcher l Media Event l Nostalgia l Ambiguity l The People

Simon During: Queering Thatcher: whatever happened to politics and culture in the 1980s?

Keywords: Thatcherism l Alan Hollingshurst l literary theory l neoliberalism

Heather Nunn: ‘Thatcher Fucked the Kids’: A reflection on gender, generation and trauma

Keywords: Thatcher l Thatcherism l gender l generation l misogyny l trauma l abuse

Peter Lee-Wright: The BBC – not ‘one of us’

Keywords: Thatcher l bbc l radicalism

Richard Tait: Margaret Thatcher and Media Policy

Keywords: broadcasting l newspapers l regulation

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