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Rapid Response issue – Media and the Olympics

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Issue 2 – November 2012



JOMEC Journal Editorial Statement

Verica Rupar: Editorial: Media and The Olympics

David Rowe: Opening Ceremonies and Closing Narratives: The Embrace of Media and the Olympics

Keywords l Olympics l sport l media l cultural citizenship

Gill Branston: Spectacle, Dominance and ‘London 2012’

Keywords l spectacle l discourse l ceremony

Richard Sambrook: The Olympics and TV

Keywords: broadcaster l BBC l live coverage l audience l digital media

Emma Poulton and Joseph Maguire: Plastic’ or ‘Fantastic’ Brits? Identity Politics and English Media Representations of “Team GB” during London 2012

Keywords: national identity l identity politics l established-outsider relations l ‘Britishness’ l mediated patriot games

Jonas Nygaard Blom and Ebbe Grunwald: Victory is Ours! Narrative Reconstruction of Victory and Exultation in Written Sports Reports

Keywords sports reporting l narratives l reconstruction l facebook l emotional discourse l figurative language

Louise North: The Gendered World of Sports Reporting in the Australian Print Media

Keywords: Women’s sport l gender and sport l sports journalism l female sports reporters l gendered newsroom culture

Eddie Butler: Eddie Butler’s Olympic Diary

Amie Mills and Tom Barrett: Communication Gold: The Media Centre Behind the Scene

Keywords: Main Press Centre l International Broadcast Centre l journalists l LOCOG

Claire Wardle: Social media, Newsgathering and the Olympics

Keywords: social media l Storyful l newsgathering

Book Reviews

Wayne Hope: Media Events in a Global Age, Couldry, N., Hepp, A., & Krotz, F. (Eds.). (2009)

Richard Haynes: The Olympics: the Basics, by Andy Miah and Beatriz Garcia (Routledge 2012)

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